User retention is a journey not a destination…

The Indian Start-up landscape has heated up with more than 4750+ startups in 2016 with close to 10% growth in new startup incorporation each year as per a recent NASSCOM study, there are several B2C and B2B competing for “real estate” on your smartphone.

With firms backed by VC Funding are spending their funding on “incentivized” installs with freebies and promotions in online and offline modes.

Getting a user to install your app is just the first step.

A 2016 study by Apsalar indicate the average uninstall rates in 4 weeks from installation is 21% and numbers for APAC jumps up to 32%.

Some of the missteps which makes your app an immediate candidate to be un-installed include:

  • Complicated Registration Process – Keep it simple, allow your users to login via social media credentials Twitter, Facebook or Gmail, too many details to key in can turn off your users
  • Keep your Permissions on Point – In the latest Android versions, explicit consent is needed for apps to access contacts, text messages or get access to your camera, given the concerns of privacies, if your app is seen tad instructive could take your user to the dreaded “uninstall” button.
  • Too many notifications – it is natural you are excited and want to inform/educate your new users on offers and functionality, however excessive notifications without allowing users to choose the frequency and time of day they will prefer to consume is a must
  • Force Closures – The kiss of death for any new app is the “Force Close” app, for any reasons if your app forces the user to kill the app for more than 2-3 times results in loss of user confidence on your app.

These are just one of many ways, your app is providing a sub-optimal user experience, although conventional analytics tools can give you flows or frequency counts on which screens users drop out, however it is invaluable to actually observe the actual interactions which user has with your app.

Ganesh Jayaraman is guest blogger at UserExperior, although a management consultant by profession is keen to get in touch with his technology roots. @GansJay on Twitter

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