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Use session replays and heatmaps to monitor and improve every user interaction

  • Get details on every interaction with Session Replays
  • Touch Heatmaps to learn where your users actually click
  • Visualize the entire user journey with Conversion Funnels
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Session Replays.

Session Recording for mobile apps.

Replay user sessions with details on every interaction, in high quality. Analyse heatmaps, pin-point user frustrations, and segment your users, all with UserExperior’s session replay tool.

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Heatmaps for Mobile Apps.

Perform user experience analysis with mobile app heatmaps. Analyse touchpoints by understanding where your users actually click and optimise your apps for conversion.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration
App Crash & ANR

App Crash and ANR Diagnostics.

Fix broken customer experiences with ANR & Crash session replays. Avail UserExperior’s detailed crash logs and resolve user issues faster by sharing more context with your support teams.

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Funnel Analysis.

Funnel Analysis for User Drop-offs.

Visualize the entire user journey with mobile app Funnel analysis. Understand why users drop off from your app critical journeys and find opportunities to optimise conversion.

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Add the power of visual analytics to your stack

Launching a new feature? Working on a UI upgrade? Get insight into user behaviour with heatmaps and session replays. See pricing

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