Attention App Developers! Here is a Better & Faster Way to Debug and Troubleshoot App Crashes

Attention App Developers! Here is a Better & Faster Way to Debug and Troubleshoot App Crashes

A mobile application or the mobile app stops unexpectedly is a relatively common issue faced by most app developers. It is one thing that bothers both the novice programmers and professional app developers. Your business app is more prone to crashing if it is running across different devices and platforms, and relevant steps are not taken for building it efficiently. Most companies use a heatmap tool to quickly identify the actual problem that caused their app to crash down. Not only is the heatmap tool easy to use, but it also brings out the exact picture behind the app making it easier for the developers to troubleshoot app crashes.
If you’ve never heard of it, and want to know how exactly the best heatmap software can help you, then read ahead.

Crash Video Replay
UserExperior’s premium tool records every user session allowing the developers to witness the exact user journey. Using the crash video replay feature, one can see what went wrong that led to the app crash. The sessions can be filtered using different metrics and inspected according to the existing requirements. Once the real problem is identified, troubleshooting doesn’t take much time.

Advanced Analytics
The customer journey analytics gives a comprehensive view of the user sessions in a single dashboard. How many app screens were affected by the crashes, the number of users impacted, impacted device models, and much more relevant information can be gathered from the analytics. The crash and ANR analytics are also displayed on one platform making it easier for the developers to find the root cause behind the crash.

Comprehensive Stack Trace
If you’re an app developer, then you cannot overlook the importance of stack traces in debugging app crashes. It is generated with every app crash because of an error or an exceptional reason. A stack trace displays the list of method calls that were behind the exception being thrown, together with the line numbers and filenames where the calls happened. UserExperior’s tool provides a consolidated stack trace data on a single screen helping the developers to debug the app crashes a lot faster.

ANR Video Replay
ANR or the “Application Not Responding” video replay is the most crucial data for any app developer. It shows the video replay of all the sessions where the crash occurred unexpectedly. The video is played till the point the “ANR” message is displayed on the users’ screen, and they are forced to stop using the app. The tool also shows the mobile app event tracking and analytics click tracking to facilitate faster debugging and troubleshooting process.

Time is precious, and no business can afford its application to stay in an unresponsive mode for long. An unresponsive app creates not only creates a negative impression on clients, investors, other stakeholders but also drives users to uninstall the app. UserExperior’s heatmap tool can help your developers to debug and troubleshoot app crashes in relatively less time. Take a look at the demo to have a precise idea of how UserExperior works.