Screen Renaming feature has arrived!!!

UserExperior SDK automatically tracks the name of all your mobile app screens. This is the name that your developer team has added to their codebase. Hence, this is developer-specific and it is very difficult for a non-developer audience to identify mobile app screens by this name. To ease this process, we have introduced this feature wherein, you can change this code specific name as per your need.

Do I need to update my mobile app code to achieve this?

No. This is an addon feature that won’t have any change in our UserExperior SDK integration process. It will be reflected without a new app release!

Where will this change reflect in the UserExperior Portal?

The new name of the screen will immediately reflect in the following pages/controls:

  1. Heatmap Page
  2. All select/dropdown controls where we search by a screen name
  3. Session replay video player – Updated name would be displayed in place of SDK captured name

How can I rename the screen?

There are only 2 steps for you to change/rename your mobile app screen in the UserExperior Portal.

Step 1.

  • Log in and head to Heatmap page of your mobile app

Step 2.

  • On the Heatmap page, we have added one more option in screen list options as Rename Screen
  • On clicking that option, a pop-up modal will appear asking you to enter a new name for that screen
  • Save it and Voila! Your mobile app screen has been renamed across the portal

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