Learn How UserExperior Heatmap Tool Can Help Your Mobile App

In case you are still not utilizing a heatmap tool, we would like to recommend UserExperior’s mobile app heatmap tool. This premium tool comes with a wide range of perks of heat mapping incorporating the capacity of recognizing every underlying issue in your app through user behavior.

Here in this blog, we will take a closer look at how UserExperior’s heatmap software can help you.

1. Gives a complete app functionality parameter

Being one of the most authentic mobile app analytics tools, UserExperior is utilized for assessing various important metrics. This mobile app heatmap tool can efficiently identify app sections that get the lowest as well as the highest real user interactions. Developers can use these to identify the ignored elements and areas and take necessary actions to deliver an improved UX.

2. Help understand numeric values with its visual approach

An efficient app analytics tool like UserExperior offers accurate insights into the collected numerical values. Without using a Heatmap tool, you can figure out how many users uninstalled your app without making a purchase. If you need to narrow down the reason behind this, qualitative analytics metrics, i.e. the Heatmap of users’ actions can prove to be a handy tool. After identifying the real reasons which caused user frustration, you can take corrective measures.

3. Modifies app designs a better way to offer a robust experience

User behavior is best described by the iOS app analytics or android app analytics of a Heatmap tool like UserExperior. It displays users’ performance on the screen and the actions taken by the users after they land on the screen. Moreover, it displays the best-performed action, the last performed action, actions that cause dropping out of the users, actions that are unresponsive on the UI. UI or UX designers can make use of this insightful data to understand whether the app’s UI or UX is user friendly. In case the UI or UX of the app is complicated, designers can identify the glitches and rectify it.

4. Facilitates a better user experience by conveying an app’s message

All apps are designed to serve a particular purpose. An app with faults, bugs, and design errors not only fails to cater its purpose but also makes a negative impact on the user experience. The mobile app event tracking feature of a Heatmap tool monitors and records the events that offer a better user experience.

The insightful session replay tool of UserExperior recognizes all the issues which made a negative impact on user experience. Mobile app analytics offer a lot more than the real customer journey which can be utilized for optimizing the app conversions. Take a look at the UserExperior Demo in order to understand how the heatmap tool functions.