Manage Teams Inside UserExperior

Manage Teams Inside UserExperior

Being a mobile app product manager is a game of treading the intersection between user experience and technology to serve a product that is usable, likeable and feasible. Product managers have to interact with multiple teams, coordinate app/feature release schedules, prioritize customer satisfaction and much more. Amidst managing internal and external communications, it naturally becomes difficult to communicate the relevant feedback to the various teams. 


Catering to Instant Fixes for the App Users

Rapidly changing technological advancements have led us all to an era of sky-high customer expectations when it comes to app usage. App users hope for instant resolution of their problems. This only means that product management teams need to be agile enough to make decisions and implement them on a priority basis.

Communicating Testing Outcomes to Developers

App businesses often invite their high-value customers to participate in scheduled beta testing or ask them to fill out relevant surveys. Product managers also suggest brilliant user tests to better understand their customer base. While it’s easier to collect in-app surveys to learn more about an app’s engagement experience, it is still tough to make an app developer understand the actual pain points a user faces.

Collaborate with Multiple Designers/ Developers

Regardless of the size of an app development team, product managers tend to feel a shortage of the number of people on their side. In organisations where a large number of app developers work for one project manager, it becomes tough to communicate the app feedback throughout the team. 

Launching ‘Manage Team’ Feature for UserExperior

Before today, product managers that used UserExperior had to ask their UX and app development teams to use their own access details to log in and develop insights from the session recordings or heatmap analytics. In short, product managers used to share their valuable account credentials with multiple developers to facilitate easy access into UX analytical insights. 

But, not anymore!

Now product managers who create a UserExperior account can invite multiple team members like app developers, UI/UX designers from their projects to enjoy easy access into relevant UX analytics data, first hand. 

How to use the ‘Manage Teams’ Feature?

No doubt product managers play an indispensable role in shaping the product strategy by understanding the overall customer experience. However, the way they educate their teams about the end-user’s issues determines the success of an app. 

UserExperior’s Manage team feature is available for all accounts and does not require any SDK upgrade. It is available on the top right corner of the screen, next to the profile icon. 

Now easily invite team members to look into the in-app experience of the users and build strategic apps designed for success!