Top Ux Tips to Design An Exceptional Mobile App

App Development is becoming key for most businesses as they are now picking the mobile first route to interact and engage with more users. App UX can either make or mar the chances of your app becoming a success, hence it has become inevitable to ensure that your app is user friendly and interactive to engage with users and avoid uninstalls. In the competitive and dynamic world of technology an effective mobile design can fetch more downloads and help retain users.

UserExperior has listed the top tips to help guide the development process towards a more UX-friendly experience. These tips can prove to be helpful  for the experienced as well as the novice to create an app that becomes a success with its users.

Responsive Design

Keeping the audience in mind a cross platform app that is compatible with a wide range of devices can enhance engagement. A responsive design ensures lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates. Users engage in a seamless experience across devices boosting retention.

Target Audience

Who is your target audience? Keeping your target audience in mind will help you build an app that engages better with the users. Ed-Tech apps must focus on school and college students, Banking and Payment Wallets is largely used by adults. Gaming apps are more popular with children and teenagers. Knowing your audience will help you design an app that works well with that segment of people. Testing your app with the same demographic would also be an insightful exercise to test the efficacy of the app and address and bugs or glitches.

Simplicity and Practicality

A lot of features that seem functional on a website may end up cluttering your mobile interface. A simple and functional app that is easy to navigate wins hands downs as compared to a cluttered one. For apps that need to incorporate visual elements, optimize images to minimize load times. A minimalist design with clear CTA elements makes an app intuitive and accessible

Clear CTA Buttons   

Call the action buttons should be clear and easy to locate. Ambiguous design would lead users to click on no call to actions elements and cause user frustration. CTA buttons should be prominently placed and clearly defined so that users can seamlessly navigate through the app and boost engagement. Heatmap Analytics can help identify and ignored CTA buttons to improve UX

Attractive Visuals

No has the time or patience to read large texts on an app. Choose an attractive colour scheme appropriate to your app and use some striking visual elements to keep users engaged and motivated to return to your app for a great User Experience.

Tools like UserExperior can help app development and marketing teams to learn more about how users are interacting with an app through User Session Replays, Real-Time UX Analytics and App Crash Analysis. Thus helping tech teams analyse user behaviour and  swiftly troubleshoot any bugs or glitches to provide exceptional User Experience. To know more about how UserExperior can help your App Click here for a Demo & 15 Day Free Trial to gain insights and improve app UX.