Real Time UX Analytics

UserExperior tracks and captures real-time events and gestures performed by users and provides
consolidated iOS and android app analytics on a single dashboard.

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Auto Event Tracking

App events are auto tracked, in addition the tool also captures screen name, tags, alert messages to understand the user session better.

Auto Gesture Capturing

Mobile app analytics tool automatically records the different user gestures, including swipe, tap, zoom, and others to get a clear idea of the way in which users interact with your app.

Smart Filters

Our mobile app event tracking enables you to narrow down your search using smart filters to watch the most important user session video replays using


One-stop to view of all the collected mobile app event tracking data including app usage summary, critical events, app errors, user details and issues on a single dashboard

Real-Time UX Analytics Can Help You Understand
Your App Users Better

By tracking, capturing, and viewing the different events, app alert messages, app exceptions and gestures performed by app users, you will be in a better position to understand the user issues, and the reasons that made them drop out of a session. The real-time android and iOS app analytics provide great value to the entire mobility team.

Pro Analytics Click Tracking at Your Fingertips

The mobile app event tracking automatically tracks all the events and gestures performed by the users. The app records mobile events including tags, screen names, alert messages, and other relevant events. Apart from the events, even the gestures, like taps, swipes, zooms, and others are recorded. The user session details of all the users are also captured for getting better results.

A user id, network carrier, session time, device model, and signal strength are some of the details that are captured concerning the users’ session. All the collected information can then be filtered to get the relevant results on the dashboard.
The analytics shown on the analytics click tracking dashboard are based on real-time insights. Hence the team members can also find out about the app usage and critical events that are experienced by the app users currently.

The real-time UX analytics helps the business identify and understand the:
  • Different touch events performed by the users
  • Gestures performed by the different app users
  • Critical issues and events encountered by the real app users

What can you expect to get from the UserExperior’s UX analytics?

A detailed and precise record of the real app users’ gestures and touch events, except the sensitive information, can be captured and viewed by your team members to identify the existing and potential app issues. Timely identification using the collected data can significantly help your team members to optimize the app and provide an enhanced user experience.

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Pricing and Packaging

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  • Heat Maps
  • Monthly User Sessions Video Replays
  • Monthly Sessions to track UX Metrics
  • Number of Apps
  • Crash & ANR Reporting & Video Session Replay
  • User Session Analysis
  • User Journey Analysis
  • Rule Based Recording
  • Alerts
  • Account Manager
  • Support
  • Data Retention (Months)
  • Third Party API Integration
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