User Analysis

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User Session Details

Track user sessions by unique identifications

Full User Story

Get the complete sequence of steps, events and app responses to get a quick understanding as to what happened in the user session.

Session Tagging

Auto tag sessions based on behavior or segment sessions based on some app conditions.

Performance Analytics

Track mobile app screen load time and API response times on user devices. Analyze based on the slow screens, slow APIs, user signal strength and network types.

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Pricing and Packaging

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  • Heat Maps
  • Monthly User Sessions Video Replays
  • Monthly Sessions to track UX Metrics
  • Number of Apps
  • Crash & ANR Reporting & Video Session Replay
  • User Session Analysis
  • User Journey Analysis
  • Rule Based Recording
  • Alerts
  • Account Manager
  • Support
  • Data Retention (Months)
  • Third Party API Integration
Basic Starter Growing Professional
Yes Yes Yes Yes
300 5000 25000 100K
No 100K 1 Million 3 Million
1 1 2 3
No Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes Yes
No No Yes Yes
No No Yes Yes
No No Yes Yes
Email Email Email Priority
15 1 1 3
No No No Yes
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