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Visualize navigation paths between screens or events

  • See top navigation paths on
    your app.

  • Easily spot journeys with

  • Quickly access detailed issues in
    any journey.

Filter with traffic, steps,
and more

  • See journeys with most, least, or all

  • Add or reduce the number of steps in
    the journey

  • Analyze with filters like days,
    screens, events, and app version

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Build a more informed
design process

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Enterprise-grade security compliances

GDPR complaint and privacy features

Low bandwidth consumption at user-end

Learn about user journey tools

What are user journey tools?
User journey tools allow you to map customer journeys through your application.
How does a User Journey tool work?
An SDK provided by product analytics is placed inside the app code. When users start a session the SDK will record data and send over while the app is in the background.
What can you analyze from user journey tools?
User journey tools allow you to spot drop off from critical journeys. You can also visualize how effective your app is for getting things done. See and compare traffic of the flow between different navigation paths.
Pros and cons of user journey tools
- Quick overview of all the critical user journeys
- Helps you discover and build funnels

- Analyzing with large data can be overwhelming
- Not suitable for analyzing low volume data
How to choose the best user journey tool?
A user journey tool must not overwhelm you with data. It should give filters and steps to segregate exactly what you need, whether you are analyzing journeys between screens or events.
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