User Journey Analytics

UserExperior provides a deep dive into the customer journey analytics to identify the full user journey
in your app. See how users navigate in your app, and what makes them leave
out without making a purchase.

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User Flow

Check how the app users navigate through the app screens with real user monitoring.

Broken Journeys

View and identify the paths where user’s dropout the most without completing their journey

Dropout Session Replays

Understand why your user’s dropout without completing their purchase by watching session video replay of drop out users.

User Flow Analytics

Analyze the most frequently used journeys in the app, the journeys where user’s dropout the most, journeys where users experience the most exceptions.

Get Full User Story from UserExperior’s Customer Journey Analytics

Dive deep into the real-time app users experience with our robust customer journey analytics. It will give you a detailed idea of the user flow, the reasons behind the dropout, and much more.

Explore more about the user flow journey with UserExperior

Keeping a record of the detailed user flow is beneficial for different reasons. First, it helps to know what path is being adopted by different app users to reach the ultimate goal. Secondly, what is it that is making the users drop out without even without completing the purchase?

The customer journey analytics is quick enough to find out the users that drop out before completing their ultimate goal. The same can be linked to the full real session monitoring, and the relevant session replay is sure to help you address the exact problem.

UserExperior’s customer journey analytics can be used to understand the:
  • Different reasons for the users’ dropout
  • App issues by checking the broken journey path where the users were seen navigating back and forth continuously.
  • Exceptional cases of critical journeys that are terminated abruptly

How can UserExperior’s User Journey Analytics Help You?

The UserExperior’s customer journey analytics gives you the details of the entire user journey of all your app users. The same details can be used to identify the reasons that made the users drop out of their session without completing the ultimate goal. To gain a better understanding of the tool, check out the product demo.

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