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Funnel Analysis

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Funnel Analysis

Conversion funnel analysis helps you to visualize and understand the actions which a potential user exactly takes in your app. This process is often described as a funnel because, as a marketer, you are guiding the users towards your conversion point.

Analyzing App funnels

Funnels don't just provide you with conversion numbers, they provide you with insight into how your users behave. Your app funnels have the potential to show you much more than just conversion rates when you dig into the data. Further analyzing them will point to potential areas in your app where users are having issues. They can also help you measure the value of your existing marketing campaigns and discover opportunities for new ones.

Number of users and conversion rates -- these two metrics alone help paint the picture from stage to stage and serve as a snapshot of your funnel's health. Tracking these helps you identify the users engaged in the funnel and how successful that funnel is in eventually converting those users. However, they alone can't tell the story of your users, and it's important to dig deeper to add context.

One way to start is by assessing the funnel's performance across specific date ranges to monitor both week-to-week performance and exact dates of marketing campaigns. Always take the time to click into the details of each event, as there is something valuable to learn about optimizing every stage of the funnel. That's where you'll find detailed information around user drop offs, screens viewed within the funnel, and data by different dimensions in a given time period.