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What are mobile heatmaps

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What are Mobile Heatmaps?

Heatmaps are one of the most powerful tools when it comes to UX Analytics. They are a graphical representation of where a user or users have clicked, scrolled to, mouse hovered, or looked at, on a page. In its most basic sense, heatmaps are a graphical representation of the user's interactions on the mobile screen using colors. Warmer colors indicate the highest activity whereas colder colors indicate the lowest activities.

They track the actual time people spend looking at, clicking on, and scrolling through various areas on your app. This highly visual method of analyzing your app will help you get a clearer look at all of your user traffic. It also makes it easy to visualize complex data and use several strategies to display user interaction with your app through a color-coded system. It highlights the areas of the page that receive the most attention.

Your heat map can help determine the direction of your app, how people view your app and what changes are necessary in order to make the most of every user's experience and help them along their journey.They provide crucial insights about your app content and help you to redesign or re-construct your app to increase user engagement and retention. It's highly visual nature makes it easy to interpret, with no need to consult an analyst to understand what a series of numbers mean for your business.

By integrating this key information into your app design, you can make it easier for all of your users to find the information they're looking for, encourage greater interaction with your app and ensure that your users are satisfied with their app experience,thereby converting them into your customers.