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How do session recordings help you to improve app user experience?

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How session recordings improve the app user experience

Session recordings provide every micro-interaction a user makes once he opens the app till he leaves.

  1. Helps you to understand and empathize with your user experience

    Using this tool, you'll put yourself in your visitors' shoes in the most natural and unbiased way. You experience what they're going through as they browse your website, and build a more enjoyable and efficient user experience as a result.

  2. Identify the issues, bugs and barriers

    You can zoom in on the places where users get stuck, identify the broken elements and other issues. This is clearly one of the fastest ways to identify user frustration and optimise your design.

  3. Find the reasons for bounce rate

    You can find out the reasons why your user is leaving your app without converting. You can look for the patterns and see if there is any erratic navigation. See if they encountered any bug or a crash.

  4. Make a data-driven decision

    Having a recording makes it easy to share across teams, watch and helps you to make design decisions and optimizations. A data-driven decision always helps in making better decisions and getting the right people on board.