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Insights from session replays

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Insights from Session replays

  • Once you watch the user session usage, identify where the user was stuck or facing any issue,you are more likely to empathize with the user. So identify the areas of friction and spot the opportunities for change and improvement.

  • Identify the areas/pages of distraction and why the users are not navigating through the current page to the desired page

  • Find out the reasons for rage tapping If the user is tapping or clicking repeatedly on an element when nothing happens, you may need to check if any element is broken or if your design is confusing people.

  • Notice how much time it takes to perform a specific action - if you see people scrolling a lot through a page/screen and moving their mouse around erratically before committing to an action, you might need to investigate if they have all the information they need to continue

  • Identify the bugs, glitches or issues,if any See if there are any functionality bugs, design issues or layout glitches and make the necessary changes.