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What is a session recording?

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What is a session recording?

A session recording or a session replay is a non-audio recording of a user's journey and interactions on your site. They include user's scrolling, clicks and form interactions and are usually anonymous.It is a process in which every user interaction on your app is recorded and replayed in a video form. Also named as session playback, session recording, and user session replay, it makes a crucial part of your optimization procedure and helps boost your rates of conversion. Moreover, it supports visualizing what an anonymous user encounters while on your app. Using UserExperior's session recording tool, you can record user activities, such as taps, clicks, scrolls, etc. in real-time.

Helps you to gain a real understanding of how users interact with a website, which then helps fix issues, optimize UX, and ultimately improve conversion rate.Great for identifying user behaviours and trends and has an advantage over user testing, as users do not know they're being observed. Therefore, users display their real on-site behaviour.

You can figure out which part of the app attracts the users the most, makes them go further into the funnel or drop out, distracts them from the desired CTA, ultimately leading to low conversions, and so on. With such data, you can make  confident business decisions that are not only logical but also data-driven. You can always revisit those recordings and get crucial insights.