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What to look for in a session recording?

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What to look for in a session recording

After a few recordings, you will probably begin to spot trends in your visitor behavior and the way they interact and engage with apps. Understand users' entire journeys on the website, including taps, scrolls, and more. Session recording facilitates careful assessment and study of user browsing behavior, discovery of experience breakage, identification of friction areas, which then helps fix what is broken, optimize user experience(UX), resulting in improved conversion rates.

You'll notice the following -

  1. The navigation route of the user
  2. How visitors interact---or fail to---with buttons and clickable elements
  3. Unusual activity, for example, wild scrolling or repeated tapping
  4. If it takes too long to complete an action
  5. How visitors move around on the page and where they stop
  6. The problems with page loading(if any) across devices
  7. Broken functionality
  8. Incorrect or broken rendering