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How Khatabook uses heatmaps and session replays to increase retention

Deep dive into why Product Managers use Qualitative Data to challenge conventional assumptions about your mobile users

Rahul KR
Senior PM, Khatabook

Rahul is the senior product manager at Khatabook with over 7 years of experience in the tech sphere. He has previously worked with popular app companies like Hike messenger.

Outside Khatabook he has his own location-based VR entertainment company called Instasportz which offers Virtual Reality gaming to users across the nation.

Rahul is known by his peers for being knowledgeable and articulate with great project management skills. His last stint was with Perpule as the Head of the Growth.

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24th June 2021
24th June 2021
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About the Webinar

Your Mobile app user is spoiled for choice and any negative experience is enough for them to jump ship. Mobile apps need to stay ahead of their competitors and reduce potential negative in app experience In this webinar we take a deep dive into Qualitative analytics for mobile apps.
Find out how it helps you find your product-market fit and Helps product managers to give contextual understanding of your product– and your users

Quantitative data might be misleading– Find out why.

Your loyal customer will leave you – Learn the reasons behind poor SLA’s.

Learn why Khatabook uses heatmaps
and session replays to increase user retention.

A brief Q&A session.

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Learn how mobile app analytics could skyrocket your app’s retention rate!