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Appsee: What Happened? And the Best Alternatives

Appsee: What Happened? And the Best Alternatives

Anshuma Tirthani
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In the volatile and dynamic world of technology, organizations rise and fall with regularity, some even leaving a profound impact on the industry. Appsee, once a highly regarded name in the mobile app analytics field, left many users pondering, 'What happened?' The purpose of this article is to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Appsee's fate and present some of the best alternatives available today.

What is Appsee?

Appsee, as an organization, revolutionized the mobile app analytics landscape with its one-of-a-kind platform. This tool adopted a unique approach, combining quantitative data with qualitative analytics to furnish in-depth insights into user behavior and app performance. This blend of analytics presented developers with an extensive understanding of how users interacted with their applications.

One of the prominent features of Appsee was its user session recordings. This feature allowed developers to watch unfiltered user interactions within their app, effectively highlighting any usability issues or areas of enhancement that might go unnoticed in numerical data. These recordings facilitated a user-centric development approach, making the app more intuitive and user-friendly.

Another standout feature was the touch heatmaps. This feature presented a visual representation of the most and least interacted areas within the app. Heatmaps, combined with session recordings, painted a vivid picture of user engagement, allowing developers to optimize the app based on these interactions.

Appsee's real-time analytics kept the developers up-to-date on key performance indicators, empowering them to make quick, data-driven decisions.

Key features of Appsee

Mobile Analytics 

Event Tracking: Event tracking provides an understanding of every gesture your user makes. From a subtle swipe to a definitive click, Appsee captured the essence of user interaction.

Push Notifications: Beyond just reminders, these are tailored messages designed to resonate, enhancing user engagement and drawing them back to your app.

Retention Tracking: Retention tracking allows organizations to identify user loyalty. 

Cohort Analysis: Dive deeper into user groups, identify patterns, and sculpt experiences that resonate with each unique segment.

A/B Testing: Appsee allowed organizations to test, learn, refine, and discover what clicked with their audience.

Funnel Analysis: A visual storyboard of a user’s journey. Every navigation, every pause, every exit – Appsee provided insights to smoothen user journeys.

Web Analytics

Time on Site Tracking: Appsee allowed organizations to gauge the depth of user engagement. It’s not just about the visits, but the time spent on the website as well.

User Interaction Tracking: With this feature, organizations could decode user preferences, habits, and minor details that make a major difference.

Goal Tracking: With Appsee, one could set milestones, track progress and be aware of every conversion, every achievement.

Conversion Tracking: Beyond numbers, this is about meaningful actions. Appsee enabled organizations to understand and enhance every conversion made.

Campaign Management: Organizations could track and analyze their marketing efforts with Appsee. 

Event Tracking: On the web, every click is a conversation. Appsee helped organizations track every event on the website and gain insights into user interests.

Heatmaps: Heatmaps allow organizations to visualize user hotspots and understand where they’re most engaged on their website.

ServiceNow’s Acquisition of Appsee

In the first quarter of 2019, digital workflow company ServiceNow acquired Appsee. According to ServiceNow, the acquisition aimed to enhance the mobile capabilities of its Now Platform. This platform empowers businesses to deliver apps swiftly, improving their operational efficiency.

This move had a profound impact on the mobile app analytics landscape. Appsee, with its unique blend of analytics, had carved a niche for itself in the market. Its departure left a void in the industry, triggering a scramble among its significant user base to find a suitable alternative.

Best Appsee Alternatives

While Appsee's departure may have created an empty space, several potent alternatives have since emerged, offering similar, if not superior, functionalities to app developers and marketers.

  1.  UserExperior


UserExperior is revolutionizing the way one approaches digital user interaction. It's more than just collecting data; it's about truly getting the story behind every user's experience. They offer a wide range of features including Session Replays, Heatmaps, Funnel Analytics, and more. With Session Replays, you get an over-the-shoulder view, observing real user behaviors and interactions as if you're sitting right next to them. Heatmaps, meanwhile, give you a top-down glance, spotlighting where users are drawn to and what's getting the most clicks. Furthermore, if you're looking to get a sense of how users navigate through your platform, Funnel Analytics is the way to go. It sheds light on the paths users choose, showing where they continue smoothly and where they might encounter obstacles.

Their key feature is their dedication to a smooth user experience. UserExperior ensures you're the first to know about any disruptions with its App Crash & ANR monitoring, letting organizations tackle problems head-on. It helps ensure that the overall app performance is seamless and efficient.

  1. Adjust


Adjust.com is a popular platform in today's marketing landscape. It provides features such as Mobile attribution, ROI measurement, CTV ad monitoring, and more. If one wants a clearer picture of your user's journey, their mobile attribution feature can be helpful. Furthermore, for those dealing with CTV and OTT ads, CTV AdVision can help organizations ensure every ad dollar makes an impact. And, with the ever-changing iOS environment, Adjust keeps you well-equipped with tools that are privacy-centric and help organizations collect and analyze data easily. 

The platform’s ROI Measurement and Datascape features make sense of numbers and allow them to be easily accessible and understandable. Adjust also offers features like Campaign Automation with which organizations can scale and optimize their campaigns. Additionally, their Data Protection and Fraud prevention keep organizations at the top of security measures. 

  1. Adobe Analytics


Adobe Analytics steps up as an indispensable tool in the ever-evolving digital space. Starting with its comprehensive Multichannel data collection, it makes sure organizations are capturing insights from every corner. Its strength in custom variables allows for tailor-made insights, while unique processing rules ensure data accuracy. For those in Streaming Media, its efficient tag management simplifies complex tasks. Meanwhile, easy-to-access data egress and feeds give organizations hands-on control over their data.

Furthermore, its advanced metrics and segmentation tools help organizations understand user behavior. Tools like ad hoc and cohort analysis add depth, and cross-device insights help them see the bigger picture of user journeys. Additionally, the flow analysis feature unveils the intricacies of navigation paths, giving organizations an edge in optimizing experiences. 

Lastly, with Adobe Analytics, building and understanding audiences is quick and easy, and its advertising analytics offers clarity on campaign impacts. 

  1.  Quantum Metrics


At the heart of Quantum Metrics is a clear mission: making the digital experience more human-centric. The Quantum Metric Atlas allows businesses to craft engaging online journeys. It offers features such as Quantum Metric Visible, Performance monitoring, etc. Quantum Metric Visible serves insights effortlessly and their alerts put the customer first, ensuring teams know exactly where the experience shines or stumbles. Speaking of journeys, their in-depth analytics dives into every detail of a user journey. When it comes to designs, Quantum Metrics isn’t about just heatmaps; it's about understanding how each design choice impacts both user engagement and the bottom line. Performance monitoring is done with a fresh lens, looking at things from the customer's side, and identifying what truly affects their journey. The platform's data capture feature takes note of everything from swipes to clicks. And with the session replay feature, organizations can view each user journey with a new perspective or insight. 

5. ContentSquare


Contentsquare offers a comprehensive set of tools for businesses looking to understand and optimize their digital spaces. At the heart of its features is its Digital Experience Analytics Cloud, designed to give businesses a clear understanding of their users' behaviors. Further on, their CS Digital tool dives deep into the user actions, while CS Insights ensures that optimization efforts hit the right mark. For those focused on mobile, CS Apps is a game-changer. The platform also boasts a secure cloud environment with CS Platform and real-time analytics via CS Retail Media. Businesses can even stack up against industry standards with their benchmarking tools. They can also dive into customer pathways, visualize data with heatmaps, and make sense of it all with AI-backed insights provided by ContentSquare. Monitor, measure, and analyze various facets of your digital presence, from form performances to data impacts. They even prioritize data privacy and offer smooth integration options. 


The exit of Appsee from the mobile app analytics space was indeed a significant blow. However, the industry's resilient nature is reflected in the emergence of powerful alternatives like UserExperior, Adjust, Adobe Analytics, Quantum Metrics, and ContentSquare. Each platform has its own pros and cons, so it's all about finding the perfect fit for your business needs. 

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