Funnel analysis tools

"UserExperior has become an integral part of our journey. We couldn’t have fixed few of our most important user journeys without UserExperior."

Hitashi Garg

Co-Founder, Pogo91

Easy and flexible
funnel creation

  • Build a funnel with screens
    or events in seconds.

  • Rearrange any step by drag
    and drop.

  • Get data in seconds and edit
    steps anytime.

Analyze issues on
every step

  • All funnel steps have a summary of
    related issues and events.

  • Get quick access to session
    recordings related to any issue.

  • See drop offs and conversion rates
    for the funnel.

Spot critical drop offs & optimize conversions

  • Analyze qualitative insights along
    with metrics.

  • Get the complete story behind
    drop offs.

  • Test how UI/UX changes impact

companies that trust userexperior for funnel analysis


Continuously monitor choke
points in conversions

Enterprise-grade security compliances

GDPR complaint and privacy features

Low bandwidth consumption at user-end

Learn about funnel analysis tools

What are funnel analysis tools?
With funnel analysis tools, you can track how critical user journeys perform. You can check how every step in the user journey performs and take actions based on data.
How does a funnel analysis tool work?
The script or SDK from the funnel analysis tool must be integrated with your app. The tool gathers data at every step in the user journey you want to track and builds a funnel.
What can you analyze from funnel analysis tools?
Funnel analysis tools help you analyze drop offs and issues with conversions.
Pros and cons of funnel analysis tools
- Reduced customer drop off and user churn
- Better conversions on critical journeys
- Most tools are limited to quantitative metrics
How to choose the best funnel analysis tool?
There are many solutions for funnel analysis. However, the best funnel analysis tool will help not only identify the drop offs but also give comprehensive insights on why drop offs happen.

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