Stop guessing how users interact with your app

Visualize the complete workflow of events using session replays and heatmaps. Get powerful tools for app analytics to fix broken experiences. Start improving user experience today!

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Session Replays.

Analyze user interactions and workflows

Replay user sessions with detailed information on every interaction, in high quality. Find out the reasons for user frustrations on critical workflows.

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See what drives user attention

Understand drop-offs from critical user journeys and find opportunities to optimize them for better conversion.

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App crashes & UI Freeze.

Detect broken user experiences

Avail UserExperior’s crash replays and resolve user issues faster by sharing more context with your support and dev teams.

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Funnel Analysis.

Find out why users don’t get things done

Understand drop-offs from critical user journeys and find opportunities to optimise them for better  conversion.

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A full suite mobile analytics platform for your entire team

Product Teams

Build better products and increase conversions by understanding your user behavior with UserExperior’s mobile app analytics platform.

Product teamProduct team

Engineering Teams

Quickly identify where the app crashes and resolve them instantly without having to compromise on customer satisfaction.

Design Teams

With the best Heatmap tools, understand users ’ every interaction with the app and do not let user frustration seed customer churn rate anymore.

Support Teams

Resolve tickets in no time and offer the best customer support with features like session recordings that help you see how your users see the app.

Marketing Teams

Get access to realistic data and make user driven decisions effectively for all your campaigns with UserExperior’s mobile app analytics platform.

What our users have been saying

"UserExperior has been one of the few SaaS products that has been able to deliver an effective prognosis to the most common pain point of our suite of apps"

Manmeet Singh

Head of Product, Kissht

"Troubleshooting usability aspects of our website are nor really simple and fast - We can watch what exactly went wrong for every user and fix digital experiences."


Senior VP, HDFC Ergo Insurance

"Insights from UserExperior drove a 30% reduction in our app crashes. Our customer behavior data lives in UserExperior, so we can quickly identify and take action on any roadblocks across our UI/UX "

Deeksha Anand

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Limited

"UserExperior has become an integral part of our journey. We couldn’t have fixed few of our most important user journeys without UserExperior."

Hitashi Garg

Co-Founder, Pogo91

Add the power of visual analytics to your stack

Launching a new feature? Working on a UI upgrade? Get insight into user behaviour with heatmaps and session replays. See pricing

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Advanced filters & segments

UserExperior comes with highly customizable filters and user segments to analyze specific cases.

Lowest performance footprint

UserExperior has a lightweight SDK with technology to keep the lowest performance footprint in the industry.

Secure & privacy-preserving

UserExperior is GDPR ready with features like opt-in, opt-out, masking to safeguard user privacy.