Understand and Fix User Experience Issues of your App

Understand and Fix User Experience Issues

UserExperior builds a video of users interactions with your app
and allows you to see areas in your app where users get frustrated.

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UserExperior provides a real-time video of what happens on your app when users are interacting with your app.

Analyse this video to understand your users and the issues they experience better.


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How UserExperior Works?


Integrate UserExperior SDK with your app in less than 5mins.


SDK automatically captures end users interactions and corresponding app responses as soon as end users start using the app


Watch the end user action videos on the portal and quickly understand user behaviour and issues in the app.


Fix the issues inside your app and optimise your app to increase conversions.

How to best use UserExperior?

Use UserExperior to understand user behaviour and issues in the app when

  • Launching of new app
  • Launching new releases
  • Launching new app features
  • Changes to existing features in the app
  • Conducting user research
  • Conducting beta testing
  • Conducting usability testing
  • Protoype Testing

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