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“UserExperior has made troubleshooting the usability aspects of our mobile app simple and faster. Their qualitative analytics is helping us improve and enhance our customers digital experience”

Ashish Sharma
Senior Vice President Business Process Reengineering - Innovation HDFC ERGO General Insurance

I have used UserExperior to understand how my customers are interacting with my mobile app. This was especially needed for the complex screens where too many things were going on. The findings were surprising and very useful. We used these findings to develop new UI/UX for our app. It is a very easy to integrate and helps to get a good understanding of how your customers are using your app.

Vinay Adapa
Co-founder & CTO Clinicia

Using UserExperior’s heatmap analysis we made the right UI changes based on what our users focused the most on. Their session replay helped our tech teams to understand what user actions were leading to app crashes and anr’s in the app. Overall, UserExperior is a great tool to get insights to your users experience.

Vivek Agarwal
Founder – Table Notes
  • User Session Video ReplaySee your app being used by your users through video replays. Watch video replays to understand how they use your app and the issue they experience during their journey.

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  • Mobile App Heat MapsGet a visual display of your users’ behavior through cumulative heat map view of where your users focus the most and the least on the app screens.

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  • App Crash & ANR Session ReplayInstantly reproduce & fix app crashes & ANR exceptions in your app through video replays showing the step-by step activity that lead to the app crash & ANR.

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  • Real-Time UX AnalyticsGet a detailed summary of the app usage, critical events, app errors, user details and issues on a single dashboard. Apply smart filters to quickly narrow down to the most important user session to be analyzed.

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  • User Journey AnalyticsUnderstand how your users navigate in your app through different screens. Analyze individual user paths or analyze user paths based on segment of users and understand why they dropout through video session replay of dropout sessions.

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  • User AnalysisA detailed user analysis for iOS and Android app users can be viewed and analyzed based on locations of the users, device models, OS versions, network types, segments, time spent.

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UserExperior: The Best Mobile App Qualitative Analytics is for your entire Mobility Team

Product Managers

UserExperior reduces the product managers’ time by displaying the qualitative analytics data instead of showing only the quantitative ones. The managers can easily get a precise idea of how their users are using their app, and what is the real reason behind the issues encountered by them. It will also help them to understand why users are giving poor feedback. The user session video replay feature will help them understand things better.

App Developers

The individual user session video replay feature for the android and ios apps helps the developers to get real insights on the reason behind app crashes or an ANR point. The developers can see a step-by-step activity video that shows what lead to the app crash. Such precise and real information will help app developers solve the issue real quick. All the details of crash/ANR log, user device info, including the OS version, memory, signal strength, and others can be obtained too for debugging the issue faster and easier.

UI/UX Designers

The designers can dive deep into the app activities of individual users as it will help them to optimize their design better. The heat maps show the most used gestures (swipe, zoom, tap, and others) through clear visual representation. By understanding the pattern of users’ interaction with the app screen, the UI/UX designers will be in a strong position to modify and optimize the design accordingly.


The marketers often face a tough time identifying how their launched campaigns are performing. UserExperior will help the marketers understand how the app users perceived the campaigns, and what the reason was that stopped them from making a purchase during the live campaign. The identified loopholes can be improved accordingly to make the most out of the ongoing campaigns.

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