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For early-stage startups


  • 1000 User Recordings

  • Dashboard

  • Heatmaps

  • User Journeys

  • Funnel Analytics

  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Rule Based Recording


For growing startups and larger companies


  • Custom Number of Recordings

  • Heatmap Analytics

  • User Journeys

  • Funnel Analytics

  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Alerts & Online Support

  • Crash & ANR Recordings

  • Event Analytics & Data Export

  • User Search & User Analytics

  • Custom Recording Rules & Advance Filters

  • Custom Number of Seats

  • Dedicated Account Manager

Happy customers

What our customers say

“UserExperior reveals the invisible user pain points. It has helped us in reducing drop-offs from crucial conversion funnels. Would highly recommend any team looking for a digital experience monitoring tool.”

Anshul Jain

Sr. Lead Software Architect, Bajaj Finserv

“UserExperior is easy to use, we could start analysing our app from day 1. The customer support has been great! The team really values your feedback.”

Deepanshu Mittal

Product Owner, Aalgro

"Troubleshooting usability aspects of our website are nor really simple and fast - We can watch what exactly went wrong for every user and fix digital experiences."


Senior VP, HDFC Ergo

"UserExperior has become an integral part of our journey. We couldn’t have fixed few of our most important user journeys without UserExperior."

Hitashi Garg

Co-Founder, Pogo91

"UserExperior has been one of the few SaaS products that has been able to deliver an effective prognosis to the most common pain point of our suite of apps"

Manmeet Singh

Head of Product, Kissht

"Insights from UserExperior drove a 30% reduction in our app crashes. Our customer behavior data lives in UserExperior, so we can quickly identify and take action on any roadblocks across our UI/UX "

Diksha Anand

Design Head, Aditya Birla Health


Got questions?

What is a user session video?
It is the time when you end user launches the app, and ends when the app is minimized to the background or crashes
What is the size of the SDK?
UserExperior SDK is lightweight
* Android SDK Size – 279KB
* iOS SDK Size – 300KB
Will the SDK make my app slow?
UserExperior SDK does not make your app slow, as it does not do any data transfer when your app is on the foreground. All the data transfer is done when your app is minimised or moved to background.
Do video recordings get stored locally on the device?
UserExperior stores the video recordings in the apps secure memory which is not accessible to your end users. Once the video recording is uploaded the recordings are deleted from the memory.
How much bandwidth is consumed by the SDK?
UserExperior’s patent pending technology ensures lowest bandwidth consumption of your users devices resources. A standard 5-minute video will consume 550KB to 650KB of your users bandwidth.
Does the SDK capture customer sensitive information?
UserExperior masks all input fields in the app to ensure that no sensitive fields are visible in the video replay. It also provides provision to mask other controls in the app which are not text fields. If you have any controls which display PII information which are not text fields, use the masking API of UserExperior to mask the control.
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