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World’s most powerful tool to record user sessions on mobile apps.

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What our users have been saying

"UserExperior has been one of the few SaaS products that has been able to deliver an effective prognosis to the most common pain point of our suite of apps"

Manmeet Singh

Head of Product, Kissht

"Troubleshooting usability aspects of our website are nor really simple and fast - We can watch what exactly went wrong for every user and fix digital experiences."


Senior VP, HDFC Ergo Insurance

"Insights from UserExperior drove a 30% reduction in our app crashes. Our customer behavior data lives in UserExperior, so we can quickly identify and take action on any roadblocks across our UI/UX "

Deeksha Anand

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Limited

"UserExperior has become an integral part of our journey. We couldn’t have fixed few of our most important user journeys without UserExperior."

Hitashi Garg

Co-Founder, Pogo91

Best Mobile App Session Recording Tool to add to your tech stack.

Launching a new feature? Working on a UI upgrade? Get insights into user behaviour with our session replay software.

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Detailed User Properties.

Detailed user properties to ensure you can run analysis on exactly the profiles you’re interested in, create segments and more.

Security and Privacy.

Security and privacy is a priority for us - UserExperior is GDPR ready with features like masking to safeguard user privacy.

Lowest Performance Footprint.

Lowest performance footprint in the industry - Keep recording sessions without any impact on user experience - Get started in less than a minute.