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Session replays tools

"Troubleshooting usability aspects of our website are nor really simple and fast - We can watch what exactly went wrong for every user and fix digital experiences."


Senior VP, HDFC Ergo

Contextual data with
every interaction

  • Differentiate steps like rage tap,
    crash,and non responsiveness.

  • Get API details triggered due to an

  • See session details like user ID,
    location, and app version.


  • Auto-mask password and all
    input fields.

  • Skip recording on screens with
    sensitive data.

  • GDPR compliance and
    anonymized data.

Analyze recording with
filters and segments

  • Switch between different apps, OS,
    and app version.

  • Add custom filters with different events,
    screens, user properties, and more.

  • Get predefined segments for issues like
    UI freezes, rage taps, and crashes.

Set rules for session

  • Use data sampling and set daily
    session recording limits.

  • Control recording quality for users with
    low bandwidth.

  • Restrict recording for issues like
    crashes or UI freezes.

Companies that trust Userexperior for session replay


Combine qualitative and
quantitative analysis

Watch session recordings from Mixpanel, Amplitude,
CleverTap, Firebase, and many other app analytics tools.

Build a more informed
design process

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Enterprise-grade security compliances

GDPR complaint and privacy features

Low bandwidth consumption at user-end

Learn about session replay tools

What are session replay tools?
Session replay tools are solutions to analyze real and unique user sessions on your app. You can find relevant user session data like device, network, and OS. However, personal user details are not recorded. You can also manage session recordings settings like sampling and frequency.
How does a session replay tool work?
Session replay tool provides SDK that has to be integrated with your app and deployed into production. The SDK collects session recording, any relevant data and stores it on the server for replay.
What can you analyze from session replay tools?
Session replay tools allow you to analyze real user behavior. They can also help in reproducing issues for developers and support teams.
Pros and cons of session replay tools
- Quickest way to check whether the app’s UI/UX serves the purpose
- Faster issue resolution and app debugging due to actual reproduction
- Possible to conduct user experience research without user feedback

- Some session replay tools may affect user device performance
- Time consuming to replay each and every session without adequate filters and segments
How to choose the best session replay tool?
There’s no one-size-fits-all tool. So evaluating various session replay tools based on your requirements is the best way forward. Note down your challenges and learn about solutions offered by various session replay tools. Always check whether the session replay tool maintains high standards for security and privacy. Make sure the tool has core features like filters, segments, and sampling. Lastly, since recordings are intensive tasks, see if the tool’s SDK must not consume a lot of bandwidth or cause performance issues at the user device.
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