Mobile App Heatmaps

Improve user experience by identifying and fixing the UI/UX issues faced by your app users through
UserExperior’s best heatmap analytics software

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Touch Heatmaps

Our iOS & Android mobile app touch heatmap tool gives a precise and clear visual representation of the most and least focused points on your app by all the users.

Sequence of Interaction

Mobile app heatmap analytics tool shows the sequence of gestures performed on app through a step-by-step visual screen representation.

Unresponsive Gestures

By using our best touch heatmap app analytics software, uncover non-responsive areas in the app which users end up interacting with

Quit Gestures

With the real-time mobile app analytics software, know the exact app events that led the user to quit using the app.

Know where the users are engaging the most and least on your app screen with UserExperior

From multiple swipes to uncountable taps – UserExperior tracks all the gestures of your app users. Being the best mobile app analytics heatmap tool, it consolidates all the gestures of the users and presents them in a heatmap density. This map can be used to identify the app sections that received the most or least gestures from the app users.

UserExperior: The Pro Mobile App Event Tracking Tool

UserExperior’s heatmap analytics has something for all the team members of your mobility team. The analytics break down the users’ interaction on the app, based on the touch events including the first, last, quit or unresponsive ones. It showcases the precise touch events that forced the user to quit using the app, alongside showing the touch events that took place on the non-responsive app areas. It helps the UI/UX designers to address the faulty app design that is compelling the users to perform actions on a non-responsive area of the app. Such inputs greatly help the designers to optimize the app design for the best results.

Real-time iOS & Android mobile app analytic tools also plays a crucial role in determining the user’s behavior on the app screen. For example, if too many users tap on the back of the app navigation, then the heatmap tool will show a high heat density.
Apart from understanding the user behavior, heatmap analytics can also be used by the UI/UX designers to gain real insights of the user preferences. The designers can see whether the users are navigating the app the way in which it was designed or are they facing any difficulty anywhere. Individual user preferences can also be identified through the mobile app event tracking tool.

UserExperior’s touch heatmap analytics tool can help you understand the:
  • Most and least app sections that the users interact with
  • App elements ignored by the users
  • Correct placement of action elements
  • Touch events by users on the non-responsive app elements

Enhance and Optimize Your App Design with UserExperior

The UI/UX designers can better optimize the app when they know the pain points of the real app users. The best mobile app heatmap tool analytics give the designers a clear picture of the app user activities on the screen through heatmaps. The designers can address the loopholes using heatmap analytics and take the most appropriate action timely. To gain a better understanding of how the heatmap tool works, check out the product demo.

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