User Session Video Replay

UserExperior’s video session replay allows you to view your app from the eyes of your real app
users to better troubleshoot any existing fault in the app.

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User Journey Video

Capture and replay the entire user session to view the whole experience from the user’s eye.

High-Quality Replay

The video quality of the session replay of all the different app users is top-notch. The whole user session can be replayed using a clear and high-quality recording.

Minimal Foot Print

The replay video sessions for app don’t affect the overall user experience as it consumes lesser device resources and is lighter in terms of weight too.

Zero Privacy Intrusion

The user experience analytics app doesn’t capture any sensitive information from the users’ screen. The provisions to mask sensitive data have been made for the users’ safety.

The video session replay for app allows you to see how users are
interacting with your app

Full user sessions are captured and replayed in high-quality videos to help you identify the pain points faced by the users while interacting with your app.

Get Real User Experience Insights With User Experior

The real user monitoring, capturing, and replaying of sessions allows you to see all the user activities in proper order. It also gives you the insights into how your app performed against the users’ activities. The video session replay for app has a robust feedback mechanism that helps you understand why the particular user performed the specific action on your app.

Leaving apart the user’s sensitive information, the real-time mobile app analytics tool records all the gestures performed by the user, any message displayed by the app, any content not loaded, and other relevant things.
User Experior follows a zero privacy intrusion policy; hence the app users can rest assured of the safety of their sensitive information. Instead of capturing the sensitive details, the app has the provision to mask such information. So such data remains 100% safe and secure.

User Experior’s session replay can help the businesses to understand:
  • The exact context behind the user’s action
  • The reason why users are quitting the app without making any purchase
  • The real cause behind the existing app problem faced by the user, as it facilitates faster troubleshooting
  • The user actions, thereby enabling the team to offer unmatched customer service
  • The fraud activities on your app, if any, performed by the user

Improve your app by identifying and solving the real app issues
faced by users through User Experior

Live sessions of app users are recorded and replayed by UserExperior to understand the users’ problem clearly and effectively. The heat map analytics along with the real user monitoring helps the mobility team to troubleshoot the problems faster. All the users’ gestures, the message displayed by the app, and all other details, except the users’ sensitive information, is recorded in a high-quality video. To know User Experior better, you should

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Pricing and Packaging

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  • Heat Maps
  • Monthly User Sessions Video Replays
  • Monthly Sessions to track UX Metrics
  • Number of Apps
  • Crash & ANR Reporting & Video Session Replay
  • User Session Analysis
  • User Journey Analysis
  • Rule Based Recording
  • Alerts
  • Account Manager
  • Support
  • Data Retention (Months)
  • Third Party API Integration
Basic Starter Growing Professional
Yes Yes Yes Yes
300 5000 25000 100K
No 100K 1 Million 3 Million
1 1 2 3
No Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes Yes
No No Yes Yes
No No Yes Yes
No No Yes Yes
Email Email Email Priority
15 1 1 3
No No No Yes
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