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10 Product management blogs to follow in 2021

10 Product management blogs to follow in 2021

Vimlesh Gautam
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When I first started my career, I made this huge mistake. I was so naive that whenever I am not sure of something, I immerse myself in the internet trying in and out to find the answers.A lot of you have done the same.

Thinking that we’d be able to find them all. More often than not, we lose track of where we started and go somewhere else.Especially when we are trying to learn something new.

I am sure we have come across this phrase - “Learn from your mistakes” sometime or the other in our lives. Saying that here is what I discovered recently. It makes more sense to learn from experiences than just sticking to all the theoretical knowledge. 

Isn’t it great that we have a platform to learn from experiences that are needed to upskill yourself and unlearn things that will help you become the best version of yourself in whatever you do. 
If you wonder what it is, its blogs.
If you haven’t unleashed the full potential of blogs, I see them as a great source to connect with the community and get expert help in a few words every now and then.

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So, in this article, we are discussing some of the best blogs that are super helpful for all the product managers out there.

Silicon valley Product group

Insights from SVPG is a blog by Marty Cagan, the so-called guru of Product management himself. As I just discussed earlier, one of the important manifesto of them is “Been there, Done there”. You now get What I was saying right? Insights are the actual insights from people who are not just theoretical advisors, but practitioners in real time.

The blog talks about everything about building great products from design to development, strategy and marketing. 
Check out SVPG’s recent article Discovery - Excuses discussing the common problems with product discovery.

Product talk

Product talk is by Teresa, a product discovery coach. With Product talks, Teresa is helping readers with understanding the users well to build better products and help make decisions that are data driven that drives business and customer success.Hope you find her insights very helpful.

Check out one of her interesting articles How to set goals that drive product success.

Roman Pichler 

Roman Pichler, a product management expert has his own podcast, blog and a YouTube channel. Roman talks in his blog on different topics such as Product roadmap, User Experience, product strategies and a lot more. He makes sure whatever he takes up to discuss with his readers, he makes it quite interesting and helpful for them.

Here’s the link to his recent blog Product Goals in Scrum

Product school

If becoming better at Product management is your only goal, Product Management blog has got you covered. It talks about anything and everything to upskill yourself to become a great product manager. You can see a lot of industry experts contributing here and provide sharp knowledge for people from all levels.

Checkout their recent blog on Best practices and trends for User onboarding in 2021

The Product guy

The Product guy is by Jeremy Horn, an award winning product management veteran and the founder of The Product Group. In his blog, he shares his experiences from leading and managing product teams for about 20 years. From sharing interviews to talking about how to hold the best virtual meeting, Jeremy explores the different aspects of product management in his blogs very interestingly.

Checkout this post on the Product Manager Time Challenge. We found it very interesting.

Bring the Donuts 

Bring the Donuts by Ken Norton, a Product management veteran is as interesting as the name of the blog sounds. Ken never fails to bring donuts to his readers through his compulsive and engaging tone in whatever topic he discusses in his blogs. He makes sure to break down any complicated concepts into an easily digestible format.

Here’s the link to his post The tools don't matter. We loved it. Hope you’d enjoy it too.

OpenView Partners 

The product blog by Openview Partners is one of our favorites. This gives you out of the box insights on product-led growth, SaaS product benchmarks and Product pricing. Apart from blogs, they offer everything from podcasts, assessments and eBooks for you to stay on top of your product game.

Is it time to ditch the old SaaS metrics?
Don’t forget to check this one out.

Product Coalition

Product coalition, one of the largest product management community shares with its readers insights on diverse topics around product management contributed by more than hundred writers. They talk about how to build great products, product roadmaps, user stories and much more.

We all have heard of unicorn companies, but here’s the article that talks about unicorn product managers. What makes a unicorn product manager?

Hunter walk

Hunter walk, the 99% honest, 1% brag blog is a must read for everyone diving into product management. He says he is enabling individuals and small biz think big. Well, he does that in fact. While reading his blog, you feel as if you are actually having a conversation with him.

If you haven’t checked out his blogs yet, head over to his post on Why there is no such thing called "Startup within a big company".

The Accidental Product manager

The Accidental product manager, by Dr.Jim Anderson, interestingly approaches the concept in a scientific way. Dr.Jim, known as the Billion Dollar product manager shares in his writing about the science of product management and techniques that is applicable to small startups to huge companies as well. If you’d like to deep dive into inner concepts of product management, then the Accidental Product manager is something you never want to miss.

Here’s the link to the recent blog Product managers are bringing robots to McDonalds.

Blogs are a great way to learn from people who have experience on ground talking about what worked, what didn’t, giving you a clear idea on how to go about literally everything.

More than learning, it gives you a sense of being a part of a community that lifts each other up and grows together.
Hope you find our suggestions useful! Happy learning :)

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