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5 Advantages Of UserExperior Analytics As A Diagnostic Tool
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5 Advantages Of UserExperior Analytics As A Diagnostic Tool

Vimlesh Gautam
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If you have an app for your business, then it is vital that you continuously monitor how the app users are engaging with it. Failure to understand a customer often leads to failed businesses, so make sure you know your customers well. UserExperior’s mobile app analytics tool is a boon to the app owners as it monitors and records the entire app users’ journey for providing insightful details. These insights can be used to find out existing loopholes in the app that are making the app users’ experience an unpleasant one.

The iOS and Android app analytics can provide a treasure trove of valuable user behavior data necessary to bring about significant changes. Here is a list of 5 advantages of using mobile app analytics to make you reconsider your decision of not using one.


1. Active Users

The analytics of a heatmap tool can tell you if your customers are actively using your app or not. A significant drop-off in the number of active users triggers a signal that there is something wrong with the app. The best part of using UserExperior’s app analytics tool is that it not only identifies the number of inactive users or drop-offs, but it also helps in determining the reason for drop-offs. The developer can view the entire user journey to identify what went wrong.


2. Retention Rate

Enabling the customers to download your app is not enough. If they don’t use it frequently, then the app will be of no value. The analytics tool gives the exact statistics related to user engagement. If the app has some issues, then you’ll notice a steady decline in engagement and an increase in drop-offs. In such a case, UserExperior’s tool will show the user behavior and related details that are crucial for taking any decisive actions.


3. Engagement

What is the relevance of an app without any active user engagement? It is a known fact that people engage with relevant content and take the necessary action if the CTA is compelling. However, complex UI, ineffective content, wrong element placement, broken links, and many similar things can disrupt user engagement levels. The mobile app event tracking feature records every single event including clicks, zoom, swipe, touch, and all other events to provide insightful data. This data can give you a clear idea of what resulted in a reduced engagement rate.


4. Number of total uninstalls

Uninstalls are the app owners worst nightmare. However, an app with bugs or flaws is more likely to get uninstalled for apparent reasons. The session replay tool can be used to view the entire user journey from their eyes to find out the exact reason that made them uninstall the app.


5. Reachability through different channels

Just like delivering a smooth user experience is necessary to ensure that your message reaches your users’ through various channels. In-app push notifications pop up messages, and emails are a few channels that every app owner should keep an eye on. Use the in-built metrics to track and compare the reachability and engagement over time to assess the success of your app’s growth strategy.


The aspects shared above are crucial to the success of any app. If you want to keep track of such data for better growth, then use UserExperior’s mobile app analytics tool. We diagnose App issues alongside finding the reasons behind them.

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