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5 Biggest Challenges B2B App Owners Face Across the Insurance, Banking and Lending Sector
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5 Biggest Challenges B2B App Owners Face Across the Insurance, Banking and Lending Sector

Vimlesh Gautam
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Mobile apps have taken over a majority of tasks that previously relied on paper-work. Especially in the banking, insurance and lending sector where field agents work with customers to open new bank accounts, issue insurance policies, check & validate documents for loans, use mobile apps to efficiently execute these tasks, to save time and effort exhausted in doing all the paperwork manually. However the apps also face certain issues that can lead to a disruption in the smooth execution of work like opening of new bank accounts, issuance of insurance policies or bank loans.

Partial or less visibility issues faced by app users can lead to problems while syncing data, uploading photos or details that need to be done using an app by field agents to ensure that they accomplish their tasks swiftly.

For instance when a bank representative visits a prospective customer to open a bank account or issue a loan, he/she must efficiently execute a series of processes like scanning documents, signatures, upload necessary documents and pictures to the B2B mobile app. If the field agents are facing any issues while using the app, it must be effectively reported to the IT team in order to fix the app glitch or address the usability issue.

At times B2B app users face external issues like no or bad network coverage, server or device related issues in remote areas. In such cases identification of the issue is of key importance. Environmental and operational constraints like these must be identified to understand the problem, a detailed User Analysis by UserExperior for iOS and Android app users can be viewed and analyzed based on locations of the users, device models, OS versions, network types, segments, time spent to troubleshoot such problems.

When B2B apps face usability issues they lead to a lot of friction between the IT team and the end users due to unidentified app issues like ‘what caused an app to crash’. To avoid any such friction within teams, UserExperior’s App Crash & ANR  Diagnostics can help understand, reproduce and troubleshoot app crashes & ANR providing a comprehensive view of how the user interacts with the app, aiding collaboration within the teams.

Traditional app monitoring tools are not efficient enough to indicate the factual problems experienced by users like technical issues, usage issues, device or interface related problems. Qualitative analytics is what helps in situations like these. B2B apps need analytical tools like UserExperior to reduce app issues by identifying real-time problems to improve productivity by over 60% for B2B apps with a 100% guarantee of user privacy, protecting all sensitive information like OTP, password, pin and other details.

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