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5 Free UX Analytics tools for designers

5 Free UX Analytics tools for designers

Vimlesh Gautam
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In the sphere of app development, UX designers can be considered artisans and an artisan is incomplete without his tools! UX designers have a vast portfolio of tasks to tend to, ranging from product research, creating personas, prototyping and product testing. This requires a set of tools that helps them analyse the result and make the necessary adjustments in order to produce the most efficient product. 

User Experience or UX focuses on what the customer likes and desires when he uses an app. To find the key to that, a UX designer needs analytics tools that give insightful metrics and benchmarks. With the help of these, they can determine whether or not a design tweak is worth implementing or not. Here is a list of some great tools that fall in the affordable range.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular and trusted analytics tool on the market. It comes equipped with a ton of metrics that help UX designers find loopholes and improve their product. From understanding the audience, their demographic, interest, location, etc. to tracking the flow of the user’s behaviour and the conversion rate, Google Analytics is a one stop platform for any UX Designer.

The best part is that Google Analytics is completely free to set up.


Clicky is a real-time web analytics platform that lets you see everything about your website traffic. A simple, valuable and powerful tool, Clicky combines historic reporting and real-time monitoring in an easy-to-use fashion. The Clicky dashboard by itself is equipped with a lot of key infographics and saves you the hassle of diving in deeper. It combines the excellency of Google Analytics plus lets you see what each individual user did on the app. It also comes equipped with a unique “Spy” feature that lets you monitor visitors that are currently on your platform, understanding trends as they occur!

The best part about Clicky is that they give you a free trial without disclosing any billing information at sign-up. They also let you test a live version of the product without a sign-up. Although, when you do get a paid version of the app, it is extremely well-price and far more affordable than its counterparts, ranging from $0 – $10 a month and the best deal being $60 per year.

Maze 2.0

Maze is a user-testing platform that turns your prototype into actionable insights and metrics from real users. Designers love this tool because it validates the design process at an early stage saving them ample time and effort! The designer simply has to copy & paste the prototyping link and start creating tests, instantly. It is easy to use and works with Sketch, InVision and Marvel prototypes. The tests are fully customizable to check specific queries. 

Maze is free for the package with basic features. Additional features can be added from up to $45 a month and they offer custom prices for enterprises.


UserExperior is an app analytics heatmap tool that helps UX designers to identify, analyse and fix user experience issues. It is a user session recording tool that captures, in real-time, gestures and events performed by the user and consolidates all the data on a single platform. It also comes with touch heatmaps that gives a clear visual representation of the app’s focus points. 

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You can try UserExperior for free, with access to all features for 15 days. The best part, no credit card is asked for during sign-up. After the trial period, they give their customers three packages to choose from, depending on the size of their business, starting from $145 a month. Enterprises get a special price.


Pidoco is a wireframing tool that helps you design a prototype, share it with users and get comments and edit screens in real-time. It’s easy to use with a simple drag-and-drop interface with a large library of custom templates to speed up the process. It also allows for easy sharing in order to collect reviews and feedback. The app enables the designer to create mockups on the mobile phone itself using a handy app. 

Pidoco allows its users to make simple wireframes

 Pidoco has various packages, starting at $0 a month for a basic package, going up to $199 with all features included. 

All these tools are great for small businesses and start-ups and even large enterprises. They provide an excellent opportunity for UX designers to develop great products without spending too much money. If you are aware of any such analytics tools that provide great services, let us know in the comments!

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