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5 Important Steps in Session Recording Analysis
Session Replays

5 Important Steps in Session Recording Analysis

Vimlesh Gautam
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Session replays are a general conversion study tool. They offer valuable analytical data. Session recording videos are the easiest and the most competent way to get approximate customer feedback. For session recording analysis, you can use the UserExperior session replay tool that can record user activities from sessions beginning on the landing page till the session ends at the exit page of your app.

In a nutshell, session replay software helps you know what is happening in your app and figure out how your users behave in the app so you can fix any bugs and enhance their experience.

User Gestures That Can Be Recorded With A Session Replay Tool

·         Scrolling

·         Tapping

·         Clicking

·         Mouse movements

·         Swiping

·         Typing

5 Essential Steps in Session Recording Analysis

1. Segmentation

Don’t waste your time in watching thousands of videos recorded because you won’t find a connection between different behaviors. Hence segmentation is the first step of analyzing session recording.

Here are a few recommendations for segmentation of videos that would lead you to better analytical data:

·         Landing pages

·         Exit pages

·         Sessions or Pages

·         Session duration

·         Bounced users

·         Converted sessions

·         Abandoned shopping cart sessions

·         Guest users

·         Exit in every of channels

·         Device category

·         Subscribed users

·         Custom personas of your app

·         Logged-in users

·         Referral path

All the aforementioned segments do not apply to every product. Hence, before watching videos choose the proper segment that would be appropriate for your app. This way of watching will help you categorize user behaviors and find some general patterns in sessions.

2. Compare all segments’ behaviors

To compare the behaviors of all segments together, they should have the same features to justify the comparison appropriately.

Here are some helpful segments to reap the advantages of comparison:

·         New users vs. returning users

·         Converted sessions vs. Rejected sessions

·         Loyal user vs. Earlier registration

·         Guest users vs. Subscribed users

·         Pager per session more than one vs. Bounced sessions

·         Detailed page landed sessions vs. Home landed sessions

·         Session duration of more than 3 minutes vs. less than a minute.

3. Discover behavior patterns

After watching session replays based on segments, narrow down behaviors’ signals to find patterns. The brain can discover a connection between signals and you can learn from good and bad behavior patterns to boost your design and concept of your app.

4. Seek bugs, issues or glitches in your app

If the purpose of watching a session replay is to address issues on your app that need solutions, seek:

·         Design and layout bugs

·         Functionality bugs

·         Compatibility bugs

UserExperior offers one of the best mobile app analytics tools that fix all the bugs, glitches and issues found on your app.

5. Mark your session recording to find them later

As you start watching session recordings, mark some interesting elements or themes, so that you can discover them later. The use of a Heatmap tool will help you spot these session records.

At the end of a watching session, you must have an android or iOS app analytics tool to fix, enhance and investigate your users’ behaviors.

Delve into the real-time app user experience with UserExperior’s customer journey analytics and find the reasons behind the dropouts and get a detailed user flow concept also. Sign up for a demo now. 

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