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5 Tips To Design Faster and Better

5 Tips To Design Faster and Better

Vimlesh Gautam
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When combined with deadlines and project needs, designing becomes an intensive workload. There often comes a situation when your design submission is near, and you haven’t even started. Being an iterative process, every designer has to go through different product variations before submitting it to the client, which consumes a lot of time.

Although no creative work should be bound to time, endless procrastination and hasty design lead to a mediocre product that is not favorable. Designing faster and better allows you to try more versions, understand what doesn’t work, and improve it towards a better solution. But stepping on the gas pedal of your brain is not an easy process for creative ideation. Here are five tips for designing faster and better to reach your goal.

1. Ideas, Ideas, and Ideas

The first and foremost tip for designing faster is ideate a lot. Quality always takes precedence over quantity, but when you come across deadlines, creativity may spew out of many ideas. A creative block can become a significant factor leading to late submissions. Getting inspirations from Dribbble and Behance or asking your colleagues for help is the first step in such cases. Thinking of ideas will help you focus on your goals and getting started with your design.


2. Sketch it till you make it

Adding on to the previous point, one way to check if your idea is good is to sketch it. If visualizing your design is complicated, sketching the graphic will give you a clear view of the position of elements and its appearance. It is the fastest and most inexpensive way of experimenting, and you can build up on your ideas using your sketches. Getting started on tools like Sketch and Adobe consumes a lot of time and can create a significant blockade in your work. Once your design is finalized, making it in the software and adding a few tweaks saves you a ton of time.

3. Share your progress for feedback

Periodically sharing your progress is more helpful than it sounds. Getting critique at the early stages of your project helps you gain insight into each step going forward. There are multiple ways to get constructive feedback like finding a mentor/an experienced colleague, joining a design community like Behance and Dribble and sharing your work with them, even asking a non-designer can help you notice elements your exhausted eyes might have missed. Sharing your designs with others also enables you to get pointers and inspiration from them, giving you a better design with minimal hassle.

4. Start small and go big

When it comes down to faster and better designing, it isn’t always easy to come up with a complete design quickly. One of the most simple and ancient strategies to tackle this time constraint is to start small and go big. As a designer, you’ll have quite a few templates, layouts, and styles at your disposal. Using these you can add new elements and features as you go until you find a variation that works in favor of your client. Granted, finding the best combination of elements might not be an easy task but a little bit of trial and error never hurt anyone. Moreover, using this method, your client gets to choose from different variations of your designs.

5. Stay mentally and physically organized

It goes without saying that keeping your mental self organized during your work is essential for efficient designs. With sharper deadlines come, burdensome responsibilities, and this can take a toll on you mentally. Taking breaks often to organize your thoughts recharges your creative battery and get back to the design field with more energy. Not only this but being physically organized also helps you get to work faster and saves time on unnecessary distractions and obstacles. Multitasking will kill your productivity in these cases. Being focused on a single goal will help achieve your goals faster and better. 

There might be a galore of tips and tricks to follow, but none of them are useful until you take some action. Bouncing off your ideas, defining goals, and making significant progress are the only ways you can achieve an efficient design with solid graphics.

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