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8 Ideas to optimize your E-Commerce app using Heatmaps

8 Ideas to optimize your E-Commerce app using Heatmaps

Vimlesh Gautam
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In the past decade, E-Commerce has grown multifold and has become one of the prominent industries in the world. From marketplaces to websites and applications, the trends have been constantly on the shift and there is so much pressure to cope with the evolving trends and stay relevant. If you don’t you’ll become one among the sheep flock.

Do you want to know how your business can stand out in an industry that is growing rapidly?

Before we start,

here’s a quick question.

Does your E-Commerce business own an app?

If your answer is no, it’s high time you start building one.

About 70% of total E-Commerce sales worldwide come from mobiles and it is estimated to be 73% in the next year.

Smartphones have become part of human lives from shopping, booking cabs, reading to what not? Owning a mobile application is one of the most demanding elements of your business if you want to connect with your audience.

Not convinced yet?

Here’s why you need to have an app for your E-Commerce business

  • You might have a well-designed E-commerce website but if you want to provide your audience a direct and personalized experience, you need to play the mobile game.
  • Ecommerce app conversions are three times higher than mobile websites and one and half times higher than desktops. 
  • In the fast day-to-day life, nobody has the time and patience to stay in the same place where they had an unpleasant experience. Sales are happening 30% faster in mobile apps than that on a website. You also get to deliver better customer services on mobile apps.
  • Mobile apps are growing to be a great marketing tool that’s already replacing traditional marketing mediums.
  • Launching a new product or introducing a new offer, apps can help you reach your audiences instantly and efficiently.

The list keeps going on but in short mobile apps are your one-stop solutions to increase conversions, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

You have a fully functional app for your E-commerce business now, what next?

There are 2.87 million apps on the Google play store and 1.96 million on the Apple app store. The job isn’t done once the app is developed. It is important to keep a check on the functionalities and optimize it so that the app is serving its purpose well.

How to optimize your app?

Optimizing your app based on user behavior and their interactions with the app seems to help with the increase in conversions and build a better user experience.

What are Heatmaps?

 Heatmaps are a graphical representation of the user’s interactions on the mobile screen using colors. Warmer colors indicate the highest activity whereas colder colors indicate the lowest activities.

Heatmaps help in understanding how the users interact with your app. This analytics can help you in optimizing your mobile apps for a better customer experience. 


Let's see how we can optimize the app using Heatmaps with these proven ideas.


  1. Are your apps unsuccessful though you feel it is well designed? 

Do you feel your users are not completing their purchases and you don’t know where you are lagging?

You can use heatmaps to A/B test different variations and use the data to get insights on where you are going wrong and optimize them.

  1. Users get easily frustrated if something goes wrong in the app and they are unlikely to return to the app after an unsatisfactory experience. Heatmaps can give you a picture of a user’s behavior inside the app with the help of different types of taps such as Rage taps and fix the element that is making them behave that way.
  2. With Heatmaps, you can get insights into how the user shops inside the app. You can see which is the user’s first touch, where the user is interacting before checking out, which can eventually help in placing the important elements like CTAs like Add to cart, Check out in the right place.

  1. Heatmaps can help you track every interaction of users inside the app. It can give you the data on all the gestures such as Zooming in, swiping, scrolling, etc.,

  1. Sometimes there are elements in the app that are non-clickable leading to unwanted interactions by the user. With Heatmaps, you can easily find out such elements that are distracting the user’s purchasing process and fix them.

  1. Heatmaps can help with a detailed analysis of funnel steps when it is used in combination with session replays. You can easily find out where your users are dropping out on a specific screen and the reasons behind it.

  1. Along with a crash analysis tool, Heatmaps can provide insights on the aggregated crash data and what had caused that crash in the app.

  1. Heatmaps can help you with analyzing whether the intended elements are getting attention or being ignored by the users so that you can easily play around with the CTAs.

To sum up, users tend to choose an app over a mobile site even though the site is fast and responsive. However, it is vital to make sure the app is optimized to give your users a great shopping experience. Heatmaps are a great source for businesses to understand the users better and optimize the different elements of the app to serve their needs.

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