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7 Apps with the best UI/UX

7 Apps with the best UI/UX

Vimlesh Gautam
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An app design that wins a user over is the secret sauce to the success of an app business. This is why the best app designs that make their way to the app market, never go unnoticed.

Here we bring a list of the newest and coolest apps in terms of UI/UX


Credits: Airbnb Design

AirBnb is nothing less than a giant in the hospitality industry with operations in more than 190 countries. Consequently, the company has built an app that is live in all of its locations and still features a stellar UX. The challenges for a mobile app that is used in such diverse geographic areas include the difference in UX perceptions of various cultures around the globe. Airbnb app is a lesson in UX design that preaches the subtle value of simplicity. The app expects its users to only contribute in terms of personal information and preferences to get results.


Credits: Forbes

Uber is another user’s staple that makes it easy to order a ride. Users just need to enter their location, and the app UI is prompt enough to provide a list of places they have been to recently to facilitate quick recorder. Users can track their rides before it arrives and even send messages to their driver.


Credits: canva.com

The Canva app allows users to design fresh graphics on their mobile phones through its cheerful app UX. An app hosted by a design platform for non-designers enables users to pick from the vast selection of templates and make design edits, all in seconds. With easy to use motions like pinching, swiping, and tapping, users can navigate the Canva app swiftly.


Credits: slack.com

The popular workplace communication tool Slack offers a slick app UX to its privileged users. With easy onboarding, friendly loading messages, and other tiny details, the Slack app’s overall UX makes it a user favourite. 


Credits: human.co

Spanning its coverage over 900 cities all over the world, Human is a fitness app with a social element to it. The app features daily city fitness stats, along with real-time updates on fitness. Human is known for its smooth onboarding with streamlined signup, 24*7 seamless activity tracking, and various other novel features.


Credits: Leanplum

Artsy’s app is here to support budding artists by helping them reach a global audience. The creative mobile app showcases top galleries, museum collections, auctions, etc. with over 600,000 artworks for purchase. With top-notch app design, Artsy accounts for sleek lines and angles, complementary colour palettes, and more that makes it an excellent design.


Credits: Coursera

The Coursera app allows willful learners to attain new skills and knowledge without burning a hole in their pockets conveniently. With a smooth and simple design, easy navigation, over 1000+ courses to choose from, and easily accessible modules, the app hits all points for success.


UX is all about how an app looks and functions. It takes strategy, aesthetics, and analytics to get the app UX right. In the absence of any standard procedures to build an app UX, app designers often find themselves confused when it comes to figuring out the pathway to success.

Mobile app analytics tools help UI/UX designers correctly anticipate a user’s need through creative visualizations of app usage patterns. Thus these tools become an essential component of UI/UX design procedure in apps.

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