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The Best CRM apps

The Best CRM apps

Vimlesh Gautam
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Businesses find it challenging to manage customer relationships, connections, deals, events, and tasks manually as they scale. Most modern businesses need an all-in-one customer relationship management solution on the go. 

Mobile CRMs apps offer highly-functional, cost effective and accessible alternatives for business teams who look to optimise their customer relationship management efforts. Sales teams benefit from easy access to customer information, sales opportunities, and communication tools through well- built CRM mobile apps.

Here are some of the best CRM apps that businesses can rely on:

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Touted as the best CRM App; Salesforce helps businesses save time in lead generation and nurturing. The Salesforce Trailblazer Community is a place where its customers share tips, tricks, and answer each other’s questions. Even the Salesforce’s customer service team checks the community to engage their users continually.

Salesforce mobile application allows sales reps to check deal notifications, appointments, and tasks through their seamless Lightning Experience. It helps businesses watch their progress, set business targets, and increase accuracy through efficient sales forecasting, collaboration, and contact management.


HubSpot CRM app helps businesses manage an impressive 1,000,000 contacts, making it easily accessible for an unlimited number of users. It features a full-fledged marketing suite that makes it easy to access relevant marketing data to close deals quickly. The app offers a user-friendly dashboard that helps sales teams segment deals, appointments, and contacts through custom filters. The HubSpot CRM app integrates beautifully with mailing and social media accounts.


Pipedrive is a CRM app built to aid activity-based selling. The app platform allows sales representatives to remain organized, and stay in complete control of their sales process. The CRM solution lets them manage to-do lists and contacts efficiently. Pipedrive has a long list of distinctive features like note-taking with active sync, call tracking, automated transcription of audio notes, contact mapping, and lead management. It offers a visual pipeline to manage sales funnel. 

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Freshsales is a mobile CRM app that offers a browser-based interface to the users. It eases contact management with its innovative calendar display. The app makes it easier for sales reps to make calls or send emails without leaving the app interface. Reps can score their leads, report KPIs and even issue real-time notifications of meetings, task assignments, leads, and deals.

The app also offers other built-in functionalities like event tracking, lead scoring and automation. With Freshsales, sales teams can even access customer data and track their sale pipeline effectively. 

Zendesk Sell

A popular free mobile CRM app for businesses, Zendesk Sell, boasts of a built-in voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) calling that is popular among sales masters. The CRM app offers new features like call recording and offline mode etc. Zendesk also features geolocation for logging visits and looking up directions. Sales teams can easily create notes, filters, lists and even log calls with this CRM app.

Most new sales teams struggle in managing contacts and sales using traditional approaches like manually storing data on Excel sheets. CRM apps are convenient tools for companies that aim to stay relevant and professional in their lead management efforts. We hope this list of best CRM apps helps you make the right choice for your business.

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