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Best Funnel Analytics Platforms for 2021
Funnel Analysis

Best Funnel Analytics Platforms for 2021

Vimlesh Gautam
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Always wanting to give your customers the best solutions requires constant efforts to understand their needs and ask yourself whether their expectations are met with the solution you offer them via your product.


Saying that it is important to keep finding answers to questions like

How are they feeling about the user experience?

Where are they finding it difficult to proceed further?

Where are they dropping off?

What has made them leave the app?

And the list goes on.

What is Funnel analysis?

Funnel analysis is the visualization of the steps you want your users to take to reach that desired end action. The end action could be anything from signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, registering for a webinar.

Funnel analysis is important to understand how your users behave inside the app, why they aren’t able to reach the end goal, and all the why behind the drop-off.

As we have now understood why we need funnel analysis, Here’s a list of the best funnel analytics tools that can help you with building funnels for different journeys, track them and optimize them for better conversions.

Best Funnel analytics tools

Google analytics

Google Analytics

Google analytics is the most commonly used web analytics tool by Google.

The best thing about GA is free to use and gives the powerful and accurate data.

It can be integrated with different products of Google and it’s an easy to use tool.

One of the best things about Google analytics is that it makes the whole process of goal setting for each funnel and tracking them much easier with a perfect dashboard featuring all graphs and maps in one place.



Amplitude’s Funnel Analytics tool gives insights into how successfully users are navigating a defined event path in the product. Amplitude is both a web and mobile analytics platform that can provide data on each specific user about all their action points in the website and the app.

Amplitude also offers free plans with limited feature options.



Mixpanel, a mobile and web analytics platform gives insights into user’s every interaction and tools for targeting them. With Mixpanel, you can easily customize conversion funnels and segment them by different properties to dive deeper into user behavior and make better decisions.



UserExperior is one of the best funnel analytics platform designed exclusively for mobile apps. With UserExperior,  it is easy to create funnel visualizations that will help you focus on analysing user drop-offs and provide session replays with which you can find opportunities to optimize your conversion rates.

UserExperior has free plans that allows you to record 1000 sessions per month and has access to other analytics features such as Mobile heatmaps, Crash diagnostics tool and video session replays.



Kissmetrics is a web analytics software specializing in tracking the customer conversion process and discovering areas where you lose potential customers and give insights on how to improve 

them.The special feature is the dashboard where you can see your important metrics at a glance and quickly spot anything that needs attention.



Funnelytics is the analytics tool that lets you plan, measure and optimize your funnels and campaigns visually. It is one of the easiest tools to use that can help in mapping out your entire strategies and measure the performance across different channels.



Heap, a mobile and web analytics platform helps in identifying the unnecessary steps that cause users to drop-off and provide insights that will help understanding user behaviour and boost conversions.With Heap, you also get to segment users based on their app behavior and drive your marketing efforts accordingly.

Though a funnel analytics tool is a must-have for businesses, it is important to analyze your needs to choose the right platform for your business. Keep in mind the type of business, your goals, and your target audience before choosing a funnel analytics platform.

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