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The Best iOS SDK Tools you Need to Know

The Best iOS SDK Tools you Need to Know

Vimlesh Gautam
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 The term “SDK” is of equal importance to marketers, product managers, and customer support teams at app businesses. SDKs are software development kits, aka devkits. They stand for a set of software tools and programs that app developers use to create applications for specific platforms.

These resourceful kits include tools like libraries, documentation, code samples, processes, and guides that are of value to developers. SDKs are usually designed to be used for specific platforms or programming languages. iOS developers need an iOS SDK to build an iOS app.

Here is a list of the best iOS SDK tools every iOS developer needs to know: 

1. User Testing iOS SDK: UserTesting

Credits: usertesting.com

UserTesting’s on-demand platform hosts a panel of over a million testers who can generate useful insights in just a few hours. What makes the SDK stand out is that the panel can be refined according to the app’s target demographics. UserTesting’s list of innovative tools includes video formats for clarity and accuracy to gain feedback. The tool automatically transcribes a user’s verbal comments, making them searchable for better accessibility.

2. User Engagement iOS SDK: Leanplum

Credits: leanplum.com

Leanplum is a unique engagement platform with a suite of tools for user engagement and mobile growth. It can be used to automate highly personalized multi-touch campaigns through interactive emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and much more. App businesses can reach out to users by following their user behaviours. It enables companies to nurture relationships with key users.

3. Bug Tracking iOS SDK: Instabug

Credits: instabug.com

An accessible iOS SDK that boasts of a multitude of features, Instabug has a bug reporting tool to serve iOS users. App makers can leverage its crash reporting tool that directs them to the stack trace information they need, without even the need for breadcrumbs. They can also track how a current version is performing compared to the previous ones. The tool also allows screen recordings to provide an insight into what users are experiencing when they use a particular iOS app. Instabug can easily integrate the workflow and send out alerts to the whole app team via Slack and JIRA. 

4. User Analytics iOS SDK: Appsee

Credits: capterra.com

Appsee is a qualitative app analytics SDK. It features innovative functionalities like session recordings and touch heatmaps. The SDK also integrates the app with other built-in analytics tools like conversion funnels, action cohorts, navigation analytics, and even crash video recordings. It allows app developers to replay sequences that led to an app crash. With third-party integrations to platforms such as AppsFlyer, Crashlytics, Optimizely, Salesforce, Slack, and more, Appsee is a business favourite.


The success of an app development team depends on the nature of the tools it uses. The iOS SDKs enable app makers to gather actionable insights, execute confidently on data, and optimize to the best of their ability. The best iOS SDKs discussed in this article can help app businesses in keeping their users’ needs a priority. These iOS SDKs can improve user retention and engagement.

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