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5 Best Podcasts for Product managers

5 Best Podcasts for Product managers

Vimlesh Gautam
 min read
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If work isn’t fun, you are not playing on the right team.

How many of you agree? Most of us right?

Here is a riddle - The above statement is so very true for this specific set of people in most of the organizations.

I am sure you guessed it right. Kudos!

For those of you who don’t know the answer, It’s the product team. Coolest set of people working across diverse fields such as product management, marketing, development, Analytics, UserExperience.

Isn’t it amazing to look up to the cross functional team work together to build an out of the box product every single time. Maybe that’s why they are called innovation teams.

I am sure you product managers are juggling multiple balls at a time, however to stay on top of your game as always, you need to have a consistent learning path and stay updated.

Here are the top 5 Podcasts for product managers that are so cool just like how you are that’ll help you learn and grow together along with the community.

This is Product Management

Hosted by Anurag verma and produced by Feedback loop, This is Product management is one of our all time favorites. The podcast features the blazing talents from diverse disciplines and is providing a platform for the community to learn from the leaders.

They proudly mention that their listeners include people from different companies such as Adobe,Shopify, Viacom, Under Armour and many more.
If you are someone looking for interesting insights on User research,leadership, corporate innovation, this is a gold mine for you.

Though all the episodes are gems, here is the link to the latest episode of This is Product management where Adam Bader, the Senior Product manager of Discovery plus shares his experience on setting up early feedback loops of validation and much more.

The Product thoughts

As a part of product teams, we all know the importance of data driven decisions than deciding based on assumptions. The Product thoughts is for people who want a lot more than just their gut saying.(Lol! Kidding). 

Tim Berg, A product veteran, the host of this podcast, takes us all through the proven product management strategies and tactics. The show emphasizes on taking decisions based on evidence and data rather than opinions.

The Product thoughts interestingly projects itself saying  this is especially for product managers who want to become the best version of themselves.

Check out this link to listen to one of our favorite episodes of The Product thoughts 

The Product 

The Product is for anyone and everyone who is into products. Be a designer, engineer, a marketer or manager and into products, this is for you. I would confidently say, this is what you are looking for.

The Product podcast is currently featuring the Product managers from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Disney,Twitter and many other different companies.

I would love for you people to check out the episode - Fireside chat with Square product lead, Jason.

It was a pleasure listening to Jason talking about his experience working with the other teams such as engineering, design and marketing teams to build a product. Hope you’d love it too.

The Modern product manager

Investing, working from home, startups or anything around products, Alex got you covered. He talks about everything about product management from how to start with it, leveling up yourself in the market to the future of product management.

Please do check out this episode - If the avengers were the Product managers. Trust me, it’s not just the title that is lit, the whole episode is lit as well.

The Product Experience

The Product Experience by Mind the product, one of the largest community of product people features Product leaders from across the globe helping the product teams with best practices that is constantly encouraging to building better products.

We loved this episode of Building Accessible products with Jonathan Hassel where he helped the listeners to get over the uncertainty around accessibility.

As Helen Keller clearly stated, Alone we can do so little and together we can do so much.
Either it’s a podcast or a Facebook group, it's a great opportunity to be able to learn from the community and help each other grow. Hope you’d enjoy listening to them.

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