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Best Ways to Beta Test

Best Ways to Beta Test

Vimlesh Gautam
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App businesses often find it hard to gain customer validation for a new app product. Since there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that works, often App businesses find it hard to gain customer validation for a new app product. Hence for Beta Testing, app developers need to get creative to get the results they are looking for. 

Here are some of the beta testing best practices that every app product manager must consider to optimize their beta testing results. 

How to best test with various testers. | UserExperior

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Start Small with Beta Testing

A large number of beta testers for an app do not always guarantee more reliable feedback. That’s because raw data gathered from the beta test would not be enough to validate app concepts. Starting with a relatively smaller group of beta testers offers a more targeted perspective resulting in more meaningful data. It saves you from savouring mass directionless feedback. A limited circle of beta testers helps them feel like a part of the app development team. They feel that their feedback is valued and it guarantees better engagement.

Screen Your Beta Testers

As you narrow down on the right number of beta testers for your testing process, also focus on identifying the types of testers who can give you quality feedback. Having a stringent screening process ensures you get input from high-quality testers. An application screening process can help you assess how enthusiastic and qualified your applicants are. Get the right mix of testers by asking the right kind of questions during the assessment of beta testing applications. You can ask beta test applicants by asking them to display their professionalism and enthusiasm about testing.

Screen your testers to really find the right mix of people for the best results | UserExperior

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Beta Tester Engagement Campaigns

Sometimes app businesses assign only a small team of professionals to handle all the feedback from beta testers. That is why they may find it overwhelming to react to tester feedback and fall short on engaging these testers further. The long term outcome of underperforming engagement campaigns can be decreased participation from beta testers and degraded quality of feedback. No tester would appreciate the lack of acknowledgement since they are generously volunteering to help with their time. Curating effective engagement strategies for beta testers helps drive participation more than any other kind of brand association. Plan smart, understand your target market and engage your testers actively to use even the most challenging beta situations into valuable avenues for valued feedback.

Weigh Closed Beta Tests vs. Open Beta Tests

A closed beta test with a limited number of participants, including end-users from target markets, allows valuable feedback for app improvement suggestions. However, if an app business wants to test the app for different user segments, phone models, android versions and configurations, its best to settle for an open beta test. 

Source Diverse Beta Testers

When product managers crowdsource and engage with beta testers through online forums, they find access to their loyal followers. They must engage with users who regularly interact with their company through customer support channels. Such customers enjoy access to new features of products they already love, and it helps brand drive awareness for new features on their apps. 

Avoid Selection Bias and Conscious Bias

Selection bias is the most significant deterrent to the selection of beta testers. If an app business chooses beta testers from their local area or their acquaintances and not testers, who mimic the usage patterns of real users. Moreover, sometimes companies practice conscious bias where they ignore critique from beta testers and do not implement their feedback.

Avoiding selection bias allows your responses to be more user centric and real | UserExperior

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Work on Building a Beta Testing Community

Having a thriving beta testing community helps share relevant information, report relevant issues and facilitate the connection between the app business and their beta testers. 

Always Reward Your Beta Testers

All beta testers contribute their time and effort in product analysis and suggest suitable changes. Offering them rewards in terms of discount codes, promo codes, and other similar big-ticket payoffs show that you acknowledge their efforts. This pays off in terms of brand loyalty-building and gets them excited for participation in beta testing efforts even in the future. However, it’s best to keep the rewards a surprise till the end, if you are hoping to gather honest feedback. Announcing bonuses well in advance can keep you from honest beta feedback as participants may find the incentives too exciting and may overlook the bugs in the process.

In conclusion

Beta testing is crucial to every app release, and it helps build an audience for an app predicted during the development phase itself. Embracing these beta testing best practices helps refine apps before they are launched. It helps optimize the beta testing feedback to meet the needs of the company.

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