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Better User Experience Equals Better Findability
User Experience

Better User Experience Equals Better Findability

Vimlesh Gautam
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App designers sometimes try to adjust everything which is possible in a small usable space. As a result, the entire user interface gets messed up due to limited space in an app. Many modern designers look for a way to fit all necessitous features when they design an app and at the same time they want to maintain both user experience and usability of their app. To maintain a better user experience of an app, UserExperior, one of the best session replay tools available in the market, is highly useful.


Better Findability Comes With Better User Experience & Real User Monitoring

Yes, the concept of the findability of an app comes with better user experience. Findability implies how your users find with ease what they are seeking while using your app. And if your user interface is disordered, users will require putting more effort and time in finding the product they are searching for. And this low findability can hamper your business in different ways.


For instance, if you are running an eCommerce business that is based on a client base searching the items you want to sell, your business won’t earn much revenue if your clients cannot find any easy way to get the products they are seeking. As a result, they will stop using your app if it has a low findability issue.


An app can be difficult to use but it doesn’t actually mean it has low findability. To increase findability, you need to boost the user experience first. This is where UserExperior’s real user monitoring capabilities can help you!


Improving User Experience and Findability with a Session Replay Tool

In case your app has a low findability issue which is making your users annoyed, consider using a session replay tool like UserExperior which captures and records all activities made by your users while using your app. Better findability can improve your app’s user experience. Here are a few tactics discussed below that can enhance your user experience and naturally can make findability of your app better:


1. Use an Android or iOS app analytics tool

UserExperior is a great android/iOS app analytics tool that troubleshoots all usability issues of a mobile app easily and quickly. Its qualitative analytics helps you boost your users’ digital experience.


2. Choose familiar UI patterns

The familiar user interface makes users comfortable in using your app. These patterns incorporate top-level navigation and drop-down menus.


3. Go for right iOS/android Heatmap analysis

UserExperior’s iOS/android Heatmap analysis helps make the right user interface changes depending on what your users focused the most on. Their app session replay tool can help your design team understand what user activities are causing app crashes and ANRs in your app.


Wrap Up

So, it can be concluded that greater user experience is required for higher findability of your application. If you want your app to have higher findability, you must use UserExperior’s best iOS/android touch Heatmap analytics software that boosts user experience by recognizing and troubleshooting the UI/UX problems faced by your app users.

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