Customer Service vs Customer Care

Customer Service vs Customer Care

Vimlesh Gautam
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Customer Service

Customer Service needs to result in customer satisfaction.
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Today, businesses are all about making a customer feel valued. Customer service is a part of every successful business operation. It is essentially the advice or assistance offered by businesses to their customers. The end goal of customer service is to ensure customer satisfaction. Be it by answering their concerns or advising and supplying what they need. The customer service aspect also includes providing assistance to existing customers regarding product usage, troubleshooting and buying processes. It begins with delivering what is promised by the brand, every time.

Customer Care

Customer care is the gold standard where ace customer service is provided.
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Exceptional customer service is called customer care. All successful companies are built around customer care. It is the process of nurturing the customer base into loyal followers and improving relationships with them.

Businesses can shoot up their revenues and overall profitability by focusing on customer retention and building customer loyalty with adequate customer care. In the end, customer care is the way of taking good care of the customers as they interact with a particular brand. It ranges far beyond making a simple sale and accounts for listening to the peculiar needs of the customers and offering them suitable solutions. Customer care involves making emotional connections between the brand and the customer and thus is a step ahead of old plain customer service.

Customers ensure loyalty building in the customer base so that there is growth in recurring revenue as well as there is brand promotion through word-of-mouth. It reduces the cost of customer acquisition in the long run and improves the bottom line of businesses. Loyal customers also provide valuable feedback about the products and services pitched to them and stood with the brand through the test of time.

Businesses need to learn as much as possible about what the customers want through timely feedback and surveys. They must also flaunt their knowledge about the end-customer experience and their needs. Customer care includes designing systems that match the needs of the customers.

Mobile App Beta Testing is the First Step of Customer Care

Beta testing is the first step where you can improve your customer care and be ready for the challenges post launch.
Credits: Snapp

The intense competition in the mobile app market, in particular, has forced app businesses to look for a competitive edge to win the customers over. Imbibing the principles of customer care into an app by mitigating the pain points of the users, it’s possible to deliver an app that ticks. App developers must enable changes that lead to a flawless UI navigation experience on the app for all users.

Users are happy to share their problems, and mobile app beta testing is a unique way of visual representation of in-app problems that a user faces. Using a beta testing tool can help app development companies gather visual feedback from users, and can be monumental in deploying improved versions of the app.

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