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Differences Between Customer Experience & Digital Experience [CX vs DX]
Digital Experience (DX)

Differences Between Customer Experience & Digital Experience [CX vs DX]

Amritsawan Bhanja
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Once the only form of transaction was barter with milk and wheat. Then followed by the standard currency system. The next big thing that took over the world was ‘digital interaction.’ The crust of transition was the ease of both the parties involved.

Today organizations are ready to invest millions of dollars in advertising their digital products. For example, banking agencies use lucrative lead magnets like discounts and ‘free resources’ for signing up with their digital apps. They want to retain and grow their user base by providing the best online experience. All these efforts are taken only to ensure that they provide a top-notch digital experience.

But as we approach digitalization, the question remains- Is customer experience the same as digital experience?

What is digital experience (DX)?

We have moved over for mortar pestle to ground spices being delivered on our doorsteps through an app. A brand’s mobile application is the representation of its physical presence. Digital experience stands for the digital interaction between a customer and the company. It could be in the form of web/mobile applications, email newsletters, social media, etc.

What is customer experience (CX)?

No matter the digitalization, a good customer experience starts from solving customer pain points. Customer experience can be defined as the customers' perception of the experience they receive from a brand. It may contain but is not limited to digital exchange with the brand. 

For example, if an organization is selling a product. The company has many divisions like a physical shop, Ecommerce website or application, purchasing system, customer support, delivery services, inventory management, etc. A customer might make a physical purchase and leave online feedback

Differences between CX & DX

Many corporations tend to use both these terms interchangeably. But there are many nuanced differences between both. Customer experience takes the complete process of a customer lifecycle into consideration.

Meanwhile, the digital experience is an important part of CX. For example, a customer in the banking system. Customer experience comprises the process when the customer visits a bank, talks with the representatives, and needs to perform a transaction with a relative in another country. He is suggested to use the digital application or website of the bank. The customer is able to complete the transaction online after signing up for the bank’s application, and the process is terminated. In this example, the CX is the experience the customer had from visiting the bank till completion of transaction. Meanwhile, DX is the interaction from signing up into the bank’s app till the online transaction completion.

Parameter Customer experience Digital experience
Definition Customer experience is a user/consumer's overall perspective of a brand. Digital experience is the perspective a user/consumer has for the digital platform of the brand
Key components Personalized communication, reliability, quick availability of solutions, etc. High speed and performance, user interface, crash resistance, easy usability, etc.
Interaction with Real staff, paperwork, physical products, etc. Digital application, online forms, etc.
Supervised by Customer Experience Heads, Marketing Managers, etc Product Managers/Owners, Designers, etc
Channels to provide experience Physical institute Email, social media, application, call or messaging


Now it is clear what the difference is between CX vs. DX. Ultimately, they are important KPIs to measure a company's growth. The growth analyst must understand how to measure both CX and DX. A brand only flourishes with a positive customer as well as a digital experience.

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