Feature Update – An interactive dashboard to get your mobile app insights
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Feature Update – An interactive dashboard to get your mobile app insights

Vimlesh Gautam
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One of the biggest challenges with analytics tools is that teams find it very difficult to analyze the data and get some value out of it. UserExperior has come up with our new Dashboard which provides you the Quantitative data and enables you to deep dive into the Qualitative insights.

With our new dashboard, you don’t need to be expert in hypothesis, or you don’t need to think about what to look for.

Our New dashboard will give you a quick summary of your user activity on a single screen with some rich filters.

The New Dashboard helps you to answer some valuable questions such as

1. What is the total number of users using my App?

2. What is the total number of sessions done by users?

3. How many times does my App Crashes and the users impacted by it?

4. How many times does my App result in ANR and the users impacted by it?

The above numbers will give you the overall summary about the aggregate users, not only this but UserExperior also gives you the provision to drill down into the individual sessions with the click of a button. Through this, you can look into the sessions and troubleshoot the issues 10x faster with the context to your user activity.

For Example: On the dashboard, if you see 200 crashes and 100 impacted users, and you want to deep dive and understand who all users got impacted due to crash, on the click of the button UserExperior will take you inside those session replays of the users who got impacted due to crash.

Our dashboard provides data points about your in-app activities which are again very critical to optimize your mobile app experience:

1. How much time did the user spend on each screen?

2. What are the top 10 messages users are getting?

3. What are the top 10 App events?

4. What are the top 10 Tags?

Through these numbers, you can deep dive into session replays and understand the WHY? For example, you expect your users not to spend more than 30 seconds on your onboarding screen, but your users are spending more than a minute. Just click on the screen and see what it is that makes users spend more time on the onboarding screen while replaying the session video.

Other than that, UserExperior also gives you the following information of users which can be useful for troubleshooting:

1. What is the Network distribution or How many users are on WIFI, 3G, 4G or no network?

2. What is the Device distribution of my App? It will help you understand the top 5 devices used on your App?

3. What are the top 5 OS versions used on the App?

The above information will help your teams to understand and maintain the functionality of the top 5 or top 10 devices used by your users. You can even examine, among the impacted users, who are on a 3G network-facing issues loading a file. Having UserExperior in place you can deep dive into the session replay to troubleshoot the issue.

Other than this, UserExperior provides you altogether a separate dashboard page for Crash and ANR so that you can quickly look into the problem area.

The crash and ANR dashboard provide information such as:

1. Crash & ANR Count, Impacted users by Crash and ANR

2. Top 10 impacted Screens

3. Top 10 Crashes & ANRs by their types

4. Top 10 impacted devices

5. Top 10 impacted OS version

6. Top 10 impacted Network

Having UserExperior in place, your team can now see how your users are experiencing your mobile app journey. We even allow you to export functions where you can export the file to your different teams. With this your team quickly gets the visibility of your user experience Seems exciting. Signup now to get started with 15 days of a free trial.

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