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Find the Best Session Replay Tool for Your Business
Session Replays

Find the Best Session Replay Tool for Your Business

Vimlesh Gautam
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Do you wish to know what all users encounter while using your mobile app? Session replay helps accomplish that simply by making you aware of what all users do on your app.

What is Session Replay?

Session replay is a process in which every user interaction on your app is recorded and replayed in a video form. Also named as session playback, session recording, and user session replay, it makes a crucial part of your optimization procedure and helps boost your rates of conversion. Moreover, it supports visualizing what an anonymous user encounters while on your app. Using UserExperior’s session recording tool, you can record user activities, such as taps, clicks, scrolls, etc. in real-time.

Criteria to Decide the Best Session Replay Software for Your Business

Nowadays, several numbers of session replay software are available in the market. Selecting the right one for your business should not be difficult. Let UserExperior outline the most crucial criteria while assessing a session recording tool that will fulfill your requirements!

1. Performance & Speed

Some tools utilize complicated code for recording your app’s user sessions. This impacts your app speed and yields poor performance. However, UserExperior’s patent-pending session recording is globally the lightest and does not impact your end-users experience. UserExperior offers a free trial period to check the tool out and using one of the best mobile app analytics tools will help you identify speed problems in advance.

2. Filters

This is the main criterion on which you will have to assess your session recording software. With no proper filters, you cannot get a significant conclusion from your session replays. Filters help in sorting session recordings depending on several user inputs, such as device type, traffic, date, etc. and help you concentrate on your targets, one at a time. Ensure that the tool enables you to search, section, and apply to your replays.

3. Installation & Setup

You can’t be covered with lots of details on installing and setting up a user replay tool. The complication engaged in the application of session replay software differs from each other. UserExperior SDK integration with your app just takes a couple of minutes.

4. Storage

Not every tool assists in storing your sessions frequently. You should know how long your data will be retained. This may often rely on the plan. Select the plan as per your suitability.

5. Getting the most out of your investment

Session recordings are the beginning of optimization. When you have decided to invest in session recording software, go for the customer journey analytics tool like UserExperior that is packed with strong features like UX analytics, touch heatmaps, app crash recording, etc., aside from its user session recording feature.

6. Session Replay: A Violation of Privacy?

Sometimes session replay tools are considered as privacy-breaching tools. However, UserExperior does not disregard the privacy of your users. We follow zero privacy intrusion policy. We value your users’ privacy and don’t capture any sensitive data from their screen. For your users’ safety, we mask all sensitive information. Thereby, we make sure that privacy laws are never breached.

In case you want to monitor your users and improve their experience with your app, consider using our heatmap tool right away. To know our heatmap analytics better, you must book a demo today.

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