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Introducing Funnel Analysis for Mobile Apps
Funnel Analysis

Introducing Funnel Analysis for Mobile Apps

Vimlesh Gautam
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We are excited to announce the launch of the most awaited feature in UserExperior, Funnels. Below are some of the questions we have answered for you about the funnel feature.

What are funnels analysis in UserExperior?

Funnels in UserExperior enables your teams to understand the journeys users take inside your app and understand where and WHY they drop out.

You would be able to easily map your users journeys and understand WHY they drop off without completing the steps. This helps mobile teams understand the reasons for users dropping off and make the right changes to the app that prevents further revenue leakage.

UserExperior - Funnel Analytics Feature

How is funnels in UserExperior different from the funnels in Google Analytics or other analytics tools?

Funnels in other analytics tools are meant to provide quantitative analytics like how many users dropped off or percentage of users dropping off at a specific step. However they do not provide further insights as to WHY these users are dropping off without completing the steps.

Funnels in UserExperior on the other hand not  only provides you the percentage or counts of user sessions dropping off but also links these dropouts to their video session replays. These replays enable mobile teams to visually understand the interactions happening in that session that caused the users to drop off.

UserExperior Funnel Analysis Feature

What is a session in funnels of UserExperior?

We have made one big change in how UserExperior identifies a session. For Funnels UserExperior looks at one complete logical start and end for a session. A session is defined as a start of a user journey until the user kills the app or the app crashes or if there is a 30mins interval in between 2 sessions. 

The new method of session tracking enables the team to see a logical session of a user rather than just a video replay which is shown in other tools.

When should use funnels?

UserExperior funnels will be useful when you are trying to diagnose drop in your user activity in a certain section of your app. For example you are trying to analyse WHY you have less users on-boarded as compared to the number of downloads and you want to understand bottlenecks in your on-boarding process.

Another example would be in your checkout process, if you are trying to understand reasons for low conversions in the checkout process, funnel analytics in UserExperior would make it very easy to diagnose bottlenecks in the checkout process.

How many funnels can I create?

The number of funnels you can create depends on the subscription plan you have chosen.

Funnel Analytics - Dashboard

How can I get started with Funnels in UserExperior?

You can get started in minutes, it’s extremely easy to set up funnels in UserExperior. Here is a video demo of how you can set up funnels.

For more information or a product walk-through you can reach out to us at sales@userexperior.com

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