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Golden Rules of User Onboarding in Fastest-Growing Mobile App Industry
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Golden Rules of User Onboarding in Fastest-Growing Mobile App Industry

Vimlesh Gautam
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The term ‘onboarding’ is described as a way of making somebody familiar with an application. This term was coined by the designers who deal with UX analytics. It’s a vital step to swiftly set up users for success with your application because quality onboarding raises the possibility that first-time users become loyal/returning users.

At present, the mobile app ecosystem is one of the biggest industries in the world and it is inevitable to focus on the onboarding procedure of your app along with methods to improve user retention.

Take a look at some of the best onboarding practices that will help you activate and retain new users successfully

1. Utilize Permission Priming

At present, there have been two schools of thought, regarding whether you must pre-prompt for push notifications; however, it has been seen that offering users an idea of precisely what they are registering for improves opt-in rates. According to most of the users, it’s really essential to know why an application asks for details such as payment information, device permissions, or personal info.

2. Show value instantly

Users download apps with a purpose. Your onboarding procedure should showcase that you will fulfill their expectations. Use a Heatmap tool like UserExperior to help users interact with your app. Whether your flow of onboarding is a new user registration, a product walkthrough or feature carousel, try to highlight the advantages, not features.

3. Preview app content

If you go for real user monitoring, you can pin down the best way to accelerate the process of new users finding the fundamental value of your app. Let your users directly use your app and encounter it prior to asking them to register or taking them on a product tour. If you let your users see what your application can provide, they would understand that finishing the registration or onboarding procedure would be of value to them.

4. Simplify

Don’t ask users for more than you require if you want to keep the first user experience simple and on point. Use user session replay software which is crucial to help users decide to keep utilizing the app. Improve user retention by creating an amazing first impression – make the user onboarding procedure as simple and swift as possible. To help users encounter the app’s worth, just ask for necessary information and permissions, stick to basic UI components and features.

5. Give importance to the first-time users

While designing an app’s onboarding, consider the experience of first-time users. App issues like app crashes can mar the first impressions of your app. Put some thought into what you want to achieve and which tactics would help you achieve that.

Try to use session replay software.

Users don’t introduce an app for spending time on learning the ways of using it, but instead of completing a job within a short time period. Hence the session replay software offered by UserExperior contains features like app crash recording. Want to know whether you are offering the best onboarding experience to your users? Learn how you can successfully onboard and engage users with a Heatmap tool like UserExperior.

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