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How To Drive App Conversions With Heatmaps

How To Drive App Conversions With Heatmaps

Vimlesh Gautam
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A heatmap tool is the most important tool in the CRO (Content Rate Optimization) toolbox. It plays a crucial role in analyzing the behavior of app users. Apart from displaying collective gathered metrics on a single dashboard, it also lets the developers witness the users’ journey through their eyes.

There are many reasons due to which app users often don’t take the required action. Complex app design, inappropriate CTA placement, broken links, and less impactful content are just a few reasons that may stop an app user from converting. UserExperior is probably one of the best mobile app heatmap software available in the market that can help track, monitor, and record the complete user journey to aid the developers in discovering the key pain points faced by real users.

Let’s check how heatmap analytics help in boosting app conversions.

Click Tracking

UserExperior’s heatmap tool allows a seamless click tracking experience. You can check and identify why the users are not converting on the basis of click concentration found on different app sections. If a clickable app area experiences less click concentration, then either the CTA is placed in the wrong place, or the content is not enough to convey the message. There can be other possible reasons too,  that can be identified by running A/B tests and live user tests. The real-time data of android app analytics can also provide relevant information.

Scroll Tracking

The scroll tracking data can reveal a lot about the app sections where users spent more or less time. Check the average fold, quadrant, and bottom section of the app pages. Set the key areas that you want to focus on, and analyze the gathered data accordingly. For example, if a key area has received significant clicks but still experiences 50% or less traffic, then it may be the result of incorrect placement or an ineffective CTA. The reason, however, may be different for different cases. It can be found out after a thorough analysis.

Movement Tracking

To deliver the best user experience, movement tracking should be used with other tools. Movement tracking is best at tracking all the movements that result from the cursor movement. A very common use is to compare the clicks and concentration of movements to find out the reason behind fewer signups. You can watch the UserExperior demo to see how it exactly works.

Session Recording

A great alternative to eye tracking, it is very effective in determining the optimization tactics through app users’ movement. It records all the events like clicks, cursor movements for individual page sessions, scrolls, and much more so that you can view the user journey directly from your eyes. The mobile app event tracking analytics will aid the concerned team members to get the data they were looking for.

The points shared above clearly show how the tool can help in identifying the underlying issue. With UserExperior’s heatmap tool you can see and understand why users are leaving the session without taking any action. Whether it is a faulty design, wrong CTA placement, less impactful content, broken paths or any different issue- it can be identified easily. Once the problem is known, taking the best course of action for driving more app conversions won’t be a problem.

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