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How to Provide Digital Experience Management with Session Replay
Session Replays

How to Provide Digital Experience Management with Session Replay

Vimlesh Gautam
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Digital experience is extremely important for brand recognition and client satisfaction. Clients want substantial results, continuous availability, and high speeds. If done precisely, an enterprise can offer a great and smooth experience to the customers. The prime goal of different organizations is to offer an experience that continuously meets the requirements of several clients.

However, the best clicks and web metrics do not offer a complete image if you can’t see what your clients see. Moreover, several teams in an agency generally utilize various customer journey analytics tools that make the challenge of collecting data from different tools and make a common insight into client satisfaction and journey.

UserExperior Delivers Digital Experience Management with Session Replay

UserExperior’s session replay software fulfills the digital experience management capacities of the platform of software intelligence. With this tool, you can index, capture, and visually replay the entire digital user experience. This tool helps record all client interactions with your web app and replay every click and action offering a film-like experience.

Digital experience management of UserExperior combines a session replay tool that offers everything you require for understanding the online experience as a whole and constantly enhances it to deliver unbeatable web experiences for your clients. This software makes it simple for the QA teams to recreate production issues and the developers can cover the gap between real life and code. Company executives will prefer it as they can see how precisely the latest features are received by clients.

Providing Digital Experience Management with Session Replay Software

Once the user session replay feature is activated, user sessions are recorded automatically incorporating real cursor activities, indexing precisely what the user sees. Let’s check out how UserExperior offers digital experience management with session replay below:

1. Protecting personal data

User session video replay records all user interactions and captures every input value, safeguarding personal user information. Other settings for protecting particular content and users’ data are also available. By default, different protection choices are implemented for safeguarding all personal user data.

Maximum web apps utilize a combination of the following:

  • Password field protection
  • Form field protection
  • Attribute protection
  • Content protection

2. Enabling session replay

With UserExperior’s session replay software, you can get a clear picture of the real user experience. The recording, replaying, real user monitoring, and capturing sessions enable you to see every user activity in perfect order. Moreover, it helps you understand how your application performed against the activities of the users. This video session replay software for your app has an exclusive feedback system that helps you know why the specific user performed a particular action in your application.

Interested In Digital Experience Management with UserExperior’s Session Replay?

UserExperior’s digital experience management offers value across your organization with its session replay software. We have different mobile app analytics tools to identify and troubleshoot real app issues.

Apart from our session replay software, we provide the best mobile app analytics Heatmap tool to consolidate the activities of users. If you are interested in having incredible digital experience management with our session replay software, book a demo today for a detailed discussion with our experts

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