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How to Select the Exact Visitor Recording & Session Replay Tool for You
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How to Select the Exact Visitor Recording & Session Replay Tool for You

Vimlesh Gautam
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A visitor recording and session replay tool allows an organization to record and visually playback the session of a user on its site to understand the user’s experience in a better way. Session replay tools like UserExperior provide visibility into how a visitor interacted with the website incorporating the errors, bugs, or puzzling moments that they may have encountered. This awareness level can enable organizations to optimize their sites for better user experiences.

Selecting the Exact Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tool for You

Every visitor recording and session replay tool has its own pros and cons – whether that is analysis capacities like filtering and tagging, pricing, etc. Nevertheless, the matter of fact is no visitor recording and session replay tool is completely perfect. There are different risks engaged in utilizing these tools.

Here you need to consider the criteria mentioned below while analyzing a session replay or Heatmap analytics tool like UserExperior. Every consideration must be weighed against a tool’s given tech features and capacities.

1. Code and language capacities

Session replay tools record your user’s interaction on your site or mobile app. Most of the session recording tools are able to support standard web or mobile technologies.  In case your website or app has a specific, complicated or nuanced setup, you should ensure the session replay tool you are studying will function.

2. Impact on application performance

A visitor recording & session replay tool usually utilizes the proprietary code for capturing data from your app or website. The application and technology can impact your website’s speed. So while choosing a tool you should ensure that the tool does not have performance impact on your underlying application.

3. Searching, segmenting, or filtering sessions

When you have thousands of user sessions, how will you find particular sessions? Discovering the particular set of user sessions which fulfill every criterion is required to get to the ‘why’ session replay offers. Not every mobile app event tracking tool enables you to filter or search and separate sessions by events.

4. Capacity to recognize particular user sessions

Associated with differences in capturing vs. sampling every session, some visitor recording & session replay tools enable you to recognize user sessions.

5. Pricing

Visitor recording and session replay tools can differ by pricing based on variables like sessions covered, data retention, extra features, and so forth.

6. Recorded sessions

A few tools just capture a sampling of user sessions – while others – like UserExperior – record them all serving as a customer journey analytics tool. Sampling restricts the capacity of indulging in client assistance tickets by user sessions, creating total understandings, assigning sessions to bug reports, collecting knowledge on edge-cases, and other restrictions.

7. Data retention

Visitor recording and session replay tools should store a lot of data, so how many weeks, days or months of sessions which are retained by a touch Heatmap tool will differ.

Visitor recording & session replay tools like UserExperior are designed to work as an android app analytics and ios app analytics tool. It offers precise data to understand better how visitors behave on your site. Want to try this session replay tool on your site? It’s time to start a free trial!

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