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How UX Analytics Can Improve Your Understanding of Your Consumer Decision Journeys
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How UX Analytics Can Improve Your Understanding of Your Consumer Decision Journeys

Vimlesh Gautam
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Want to know how users access and use your app? Then, take help from UX analytics, it extracts the behavioral data on your app visitors and showcases the customer decision journeys. This is how it unveils users’ activities and interactions with your app.


Consumer journey maps give you a brief analysis of all the activities done by your app users inside the app. Alongside that, the customer journey analytics displays a detailed view of visitors’ journey inside your app. This granular data helps you understand your consumers’ mindset as they visit your app and know what causes the customers’ decision journey.


Let UserExperior discuss how UX analytics can help you get an in-depth insight into your customer decision journey!


UX Analytics Combines Your Consumers’ Interactions on Your App

For real user monitoring, you must check out the customer journey analysis that maps out the path visitors follow on your app. This showcases your users’ intention and purpose of using your app. Moreover, it also showcases if there is any obstacle they are facing while using your app.

For instance, you may notice app crashes or bugs inside your app.


The slow page loading time is another problem they might experience. This is where the customer journey analytics tool of UserExperior is helpful. You can use it for mobile app event tracking because it displays every page your customers have undergone before opening a specific page and getting converted to a customer from a visitor. It also shows where users found issues and left using your app.


Get an Overview of Your Users’ In-App Experience through UX Analytics

Customer journey analysis gives an overview of how your users read your app pages. Let UserExperior highlight some features that help understand and improve your users’ in-app experience! Behavioral analysis of your users through our touch Heatmaps analytics will help you understand your consumers’ decision journey in detail.


1. Customer journey analytics

When it comes to discussing the importance of clicks, we must admit that click rates measure how clicks contribute to customer decision-making. This rate decides how many clicks occurred due to app visits because visiting an app alone doesn’t cause engagement.


2. Mobile app heatmap

If your app has engaging content, there is a possibility it is getting a positive effect on your customers’ decision journey. So how will you get the most and least focused points of your app by all the users? We do it by using our iOS or android heatmap software.


3. Mobile session replay

Clicks showcase the users’ level of interest but how will you know whether clicking a point affects your conversion and behavior objects? Mobile session replay helps you measure that. It helps you find the weakness and strengths of your app and demonstrates where your users stopped using your app and why.


The mobile app heatmap tool of UserExperior is the key to boosting the experience of your users inside the app. Opt for our UX analytics software to get an overview of their navigation and in-depth analysis of every touchpoint, so you can optimize customer decision procedure and increase conversions.Click here to Schedule a Demo

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