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Humans of UserExperior: Mubin Khan

Humans of UserExperior: Mubin Khan

Anushka Mukherjee
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Mubin has a knack for cracking good deals and bringing in enterprise deals which were crucial for our growth. He has a keen interest in playing the guitar and is passionate about singing!

How did you get started at UserExperior?

“I started in 2017. I was always ardent about joining a tech business, specifically a SaaS business. I thought that it would be great to be updated with the current technologies and it was a learning opportunity for me when I came across the opportunity at UserExperior. 

Back then I was new to the app business and also the product looked interesting”

Do you remember your interview with UserExperior?

Vimlesh, Founder of UserExperior interviewed Mubin. It was a time when UE didn’t have anyone in sales or marketing. Mubin shares recalls, “When Vimlesh took my interview, all my doubts cleared out. We had three rounds of interviews and we touched on subjects like getting leads and a lack of marketing or sales team in UE.” 

“I expressed my desire to work alongside founders and wanted to understand how they think and manage. I wanted to have an open horizon of ideas and that enticed me to work here.”

“I felt a sense of autonomy, visibility, and freedom for taking decisions in UserExperior and it felt like everyone was there to give their best.”

What does a typical day look like for you?

Mubin usually wakes up and connects with clients via LinkedIn and WhatsApp. His routine is to hit the gym for a workout and I follow the stock market to learn about the fundamentals of my investments.

He further shares what his typical work day is like, “I usually have 10 to 15 calls each day. And a minimum of 3 meetings. I feel it is important to stay hydrated. I prefer to maintain my hydration via fruit juices.”

Mubin is keen on learning and maintaining a good work life balance. He says, “Evenings are generally focused on learning and upskilling by reading articles and watching YouTube videos. By 8 pm I  go out for a walk and then spend time with my family. Whenever I get a break, I either strum my guitar or listen to music. I love music!”

What is that one thing that everyone must know about User Experior?

“Employees are given a lot of freedom regarding decision-making and sharing visions. There is no hierarchy. Also, the communication between our founder Vimlesh and the employees is very open. Everyone is ready whenever it is required and everyone is here to bring the best in their Vimlesh is a very jolly person who feels a lot like a friend than a boss.” 

What is a challenging part of your role in UE and how do you overcome it?

“Getting the payments from clients is a bit challenging and for that, I have a consistent follow-up. Also implementing the actual solutions may get difficult. Keeping a timeline always helps.” 

What was your proudest moment?

“Converting a 7-figure deal within one 6 months of joining.”

What is your favourite place to travel to?

“I like this place called  Deolali Camp which is a small hill station in Nashik. I like this place because it has a nice climate. It is a peaceful, clean, and green place. I feel relaxed when I am there and I can get my mind fresh.”

One last question, what is your motto or mantra?

 "I believe in the mantra ‘Success is a continuous process rather than a destination’."

Thank you so much Mubin for sharing your time from your busy schedule and sharing your nuggets of knowledge with us in this interview.

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